Happy Thanksgiving

//Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

I got a call about a week ago from Judge Leon Emerson. He was responding to the letter I sent on behalf of NAFTS offering him a place in the first class of Board members Emeritus. He was very pleased with the idea and the honor intended by the Emeritus designation.
In the same week I received a letter, and an email from Ray Evans. He too is delighted with the Emeritus designation and the Board’s desire to keep him and the others connected.
It will be difficult for Leon to attend board meetings as he is struggling with health issues. Ray Evans had tendered his resignation from the Board because it has become harder and harder to travel to the reunions.
Until just recently Leon and Lora and Ray and Marlene were regulars at our NAFTS reunions. Leon served on the NAFTS Board of Directors for many years as did Ray who also did several tours as Board Chairman.
He and Lora took Cindy and me under their wings at our first reunion in Arlington, VA in 2002. We knew no one at that reunion and they made sure we felt welcome. The contribution to NAFTS from these two couples is defined by the word “Shipmates”.
It occurs to me that of the many blessings in my life for which I am very thankful, the opportunity I have had to become friends, with Leon, Lora, Ray, Marlene and so many others of you is very near the top on my list.
Happy Thanks giving!! Remember the many blessings in your lives this Thanksgiving celebration may the day bring each of you immeasurable joy.
God bless each of you as He has me.
P.S. Also remember, be it turkey or ham, you are what you eat.

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