He Was A Friend Of Mine

He Was A Friend Of Mine
by Jan E. Wilson

He sleeps with Angels now.
There his rest is as long as time.
I remember him with a smile he was a friend of mine
Our time spent together was so very brief.
And now I am left with so much grief.
I miss his laughter, his hugs, his smile.
He was a friend of mine.
He said we would be forever friends.
That not death would keep us apart.
But then came the morning he was taken away,
I thought I had died my heart torn apart.
He'll visit me on quiet nights.
I'll hear his voice in the wind that blows.
I'll see his smile in the stars a glow.
I'll feel his hugs it is him I know.
Because he was a friend of mine.
And swore we would be friends for all time.

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2 thoughts on “He Was A Friend Of Mine

  1. Chaplain,

  2. Chaplain,
    As Secretary of the USS Quapaw Association, I receive notices of deaths of Quapaw Sailors. I have been notified of two sailors that are on the membes listing as deceased. Richard Harker’s sister sent me notice of his death. Charles Bahlinger died January 20, 2013. I do not know of the correct procedure to notify you of these deaths.

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