NAFTS 2013 Reunion Photographs




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3 thoughts on “NAFTS 2013 Reunion Photographs

  1. Great job of capturing our event. I wish you had been with us the entire reunion. Your pictures are wonderful.

  2. Thanks very much for posting photos from the 2013 NAFTS reunion. Dorothy & I really enjoyed them. I’m sure that other shipmates who also couldn’t attend share our pleasure.
    warmest regards,
    Dorothy & Rodger Dana

  3. I believe I sent a copy of my book: A Tugboat Sailor, The Life and Times of Billy Jack McCoy in the Forgotten War. It was a donation to the NAFTS Library. If you need another book for the 2014 Reunion please contact me at
    My book is now available on, Kindle, Barnes and Noble and other sources.
    Jack McCoy – USS TAWAKONI ATF-114

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