4 thoughts on “NAFTS ~ 2015 REUNION

  1. Are we able to order the hats shown on the reunion website?

    Marion Eastman
    USS Sioux ATF 75

    • Marion,

      The ship’s hats are not directly available for purchase through the website. however, our “Ship’s Store” has them ready to mail for $16. If you are members of NAFTS just look in your last TOWLINE magazine and there is an order form. If you are not NAFTS members you can still get the hats through our Storekeeper, Harry Jaeger (pronounced JAYger) at 804-273-0247.
      If you send me your mailing address I’ll stick a copy of the TOWLINE in the mail to you.

      Bob Campbell
      NAFTS Secretary

      • Bob,
        Could you send me another USS Tawakoni ATF-114 hat?
        The one I have is looking old.
        Just send me your mailing address and I will send you the $16.00 or more if necessary.

        I have not received a copy of the latest Towline. Would you be kind enough to send me the latest copy.
        Thanks – Billy McCoy jackmccoy31@gmail.com

  2. Good job, now I know the city inside and out.

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