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Debra Mack Debra Mack from Chesaw, Washington wrote on December 6, 2008:
My father-in-law, Leo John (Jack) Mack went to boot camp at Farragut, Idaho, December 1943. He was on the crew of the USS ATR-32. We are looking for crew members, information about the vessel and pictures. Thank you for the Web site. ๐Ÿ™‚
Admin Reply:
MS Mack, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Michael Lee Easter Michael Lee Easter from yakima Washington wrote on November 24, 2008:
I served aboard USS MATACO ATF-86 1975 to 1977 I would like to hear from any other ship mates ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
Admin Reply:
Michael Lee Easter, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Ken Maltese Ken Maltese from Rutland Vt wrote on November 11, 2008:
Served on USS Luiseno ATF 156 from March '55 till October '57. Anyone around that served at that time???
Reg D'Ambrisi Reg D'Ambrisi from Saranac Lake, NY 12983 wrote on November 5, 2008:
Was a crewmember in Shakori (ATF 162)from Sep 79 to Feb 80. Was on decommissioning crew and one of the last off her. Best shipboard duty I ever had. I retired as PN1 in April 81.
Admin Reply:
Reg, I sent you an E-mail from Rodger
Jerry Dickson EN2 Jerry Dickson EN2 from Sacramento Ca. wrote on November 1, 2008:
Hi All anyone out there from the atf94 58,59
Admin Reply:
EM1 Pat McGee, 1951-59 and EN3 Roger Corray, 1958 are NAFTS members. If you wish to contact them, send an E-mail to Rodger
Don Graham Don Graham from England U.K. wrote on October 29, 2008:
Hi all at N.A.F.T.S I had a great time in Providence really well run the service on USS Massachusetts was well done I was greatly honoured to cast wreath on the day many thanks hope to meet up again in Las Vegas? best regards to all at N.A.F.T.S
Admin Reply:
Don, Thanks for the compliments. We look forward to seeing you and Betty at our NAFTS reunions. Hope you can make it over to Las Vegas for our 2009 and 20th annual reunion 15-20 November in the Gloden Nugget downtown. your shipmate, Rodger
Michael Walter Michael Walter from Reese, Michigan wrote on October 9, 2008:
I was stationed aboard the USS Cocopa ATF 101 from 1970-1973. I served my entire hitch aboard her (as a Seamen second class through QM2). As I look back on the experience, I loved the ship and the crew. We cruised to Adak,AK.(2x's), Panama and Westpact. I'm open to anyone that would like to correspond about those days. I remember typhoons, reindeer hunts, Cook Inlet and pie eating contest off Danang.
Admin Reply:
Michael, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger ________________________________________________
Douglas M Gerber Douglas M Gerber from New Jersey wrote on October 7, 2008:
Hello All and Thank you for your service to your country
Admin Reply:
Douglas, I sent you an e-mail from Rodger
Admin Reply:
Ernie, Thanks for your help at NAFTS 2008, Rodger
Gale Earley Gale Earley from Jacksonville NC wrote on September 29, 2008:
my father George Washington Earley served in the South Pacific. Several of the ships on which he served were sunk. He spent some time in Australia between ship assignments. We know he was around the Coral Sea at some point. He would never talk about the events but did write one article for the magazine about his experiences. If there is any one out there that remembers a George Washington Earley from western North Carolina I would appreciate hearing from you Thanks Gale Earley
Admin Reply:
Gale, Can you supply the ship names? Our NAFTS ship research is mainly done on Military Rescue,Towing & Salvage vessels. Reply to: sincerely, Rodger
James w. truesdale James w. truesdale from colorado springs,co wrote on September 27, 2008:
I was an ET (the only one) on the Munsee ATF-107 from Nov 56 until Sept 58.
Admin Reply:
It was good to talk to you, and to find out we were neighbors at San Diego! Rodger
Mike Walsh BM3 Mike Walsh BM3 from Haworth, NJ (via NYC) wrote on September 23, 2008:
Served aboard the USS Munsee ATF-107 (1963-65). Unforgetable experience and some of the most memorable events in my life. After 44 years I just ran across a guy off the Munsee on the internet. Looked at the guest book, not too many Munsee sailors signed in. There out there some where I'm sure! Anyway, I just joined and hope to run across more on this site. GREAT SITE!!
Admin Reply:
Mike, Thanks for joining NAFTS, Rodger
phil wallis phil wallis from rochester uk wrote on September 22, 2008:
LT 1977 US Attleboro. I'am trying to find out the history of this tug, or anybody who served on her. Was in southampton for a while at hythe, then sold off 2003, she is now on the Medway Kent, UK.
Admin Reply:
Phil, I sent you an E-mail from, Rodger
John D. Kojetin John D. Kojetin from Minnesota wrote on September 22, 2008:
I would like to hear more on the Bolster RS-38.
Admin Reply:
John, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Joseph Johns Joseph Johns from York, Ne wrote on September 21, 2008:
served on the USS Cocopa ATF-101 from 1970-1973 during that time the ship sailed to Panama from San Diego,ca and then to Alaska.
Admin Reply:
Joseph, I sent you an E-mail from, Rodger
James Bendickson James Bendickson from Brandon FL wrote on September 14, 2008:
My father, Eddie Bendickson was a first class gun pointer on fleet tug ATF-87 (Moreno) during WWII. My father passed away in 1997 and I am trying to find out more about his service on ATF-87. I know the Moreno received three battle stars for World War II service. I think my father was on the Moreno when they went to Odessa Russia to provide American soldiers released from German POW camps with cargo, food,clothing, and medicine.My father was wounded on the Moreno. I think it may have been on 6 July, while still at Bizerte, she was caught in an air raid during which a near miss injured three men and damaged the superstructure and rigging. This may have been during the invasion of southern sicily. I am not sure if my information is correct. I would love to hear from anyone who served on ATF-87 Moreno. I am going to bury my father's ashes at the National Cemetry in South Florida in November. I want to honor my father with his service in WWI and specifically his service on ATF-87. I plan to give a short talk about my father's service on ATF-87.
Admin Reply:
James, I answered your query with an E-mail from, Rodger
FRANCIS BROWN FRANCIS BROWN from SCOTLAND UK wrote on September 12, 2008:
Admin Reply:
Francis, Thanks for your entry. We are looking forward to seeing Don Graham at our 2008 reunion at Providence, Rhode Island, in a few weeks.We hope you can come over and attend some of our reunions. sincerely, Rodger Dana, NAFTS President
Mike Barnhardt Mike Barnhardt from Ohio. Now reside in MA. wrote on September 10, 2008:
Great Website. Thank you Artie Colabella for providing info for site. Artie and I met in 1967 on the USS Sagamore ATA 208. Plan is to become a member.
Admin Reply:
Mike, I sent you an E-mail from Rodger _______________________________________________
Dennis Knebel Dennis Knebel from San Francisco wrote on September 7, 2008:
I was a QM3 on the Chowanoc ATF-100. I remember my very first day I reported aboard....the yeoman took my packet of orders, glanced at'em for a minute, then threw them straight in the trash. So many great experiences on that old tug! Only made one WestPac, though and got transferred to Subic Bay before they sent her to ADAC.
Admin Reply:
Dennis, Thanks for the input. I sent you an E-mail today, Rodger Dana ________________________________________________
Orrin Tucker Orrin Tucker from Cincinnati ,Ohio wrote on September 6, 2008:
Tom, this new site is awesome!! I'm still looking for shipmates from the the USS Ute 57-58 .
Admin Reply:
Orrin, I sent you an E-mail from, Rodger Dana
Lyal Lyal from Omaha Ne wrote on August 20, 2008:
Served on the Mahopac ATA 196 until she was turned over to the taiwanese Navy. Great duty!
Admin Reply:
LYAL, I sent you a message from Rodger dana
Charles Charles from Ypung wrote on August 18, 2008:
Served aboard the Mataco ATF86 from 1952 thru June 1955.. Greatest duty in the Navy, spent my entire time of service aboard her. And saw most of the Pacific bases..
Admin Reply:
Charles, I sent you an e-mail from Rodger
collinsalbert34 collinsalbert34 from New York wrote on August 18, 2008:
A good site. I like, make sure you check yet.
Admin Reply:
Please clarify your comment. We don't understand you.
Mike Goodwin Mike Goodwin from Bronx, New York wrote on August 17, 2008:
Served on the U.S.S Utina Atf 163 from Feb/64 till July/68.....Felt so bad when I found out that the Utina is now the felipe larrazabal Venazuala..I saw pictures of her and she looked terrible. I'd rather see her on the bottom of the Atlantic then seving that Psyco chavez..
Jodie E Jones Jodie E Jones from Indianapolis, Indiana 46217 wrote on August 14, 2008:
Was on the ATF Utina from March 1962 to March 1964.
Admin Reply:
Jodie, I sent you an E-mail from RDana@NAFTS dot com. Rodger
Patricia Wilson Carrillo Patricia Wilson Carrillo from Broken Arrow Oklahoma wrote on August 13, 2008:
My paternal grandfather William J. Wilson was a sea captain on a tug and family history is that his tug towed the USS Maine to sea for burial. We have the star from the captains cabin door and the barometer from the Maine so we believe it is true. The only name I can find is the Osceola but no mention of captain or crew. Can you help me or tell me where to look. I had his captaincy papers but they have been lost in our move. Appreciate any help you can give me.
troy a dodson troy a dodson from dunn , nc wrote on August 11, 2008:
was stationed on the uss paiute atf 159 from 87-90
Admin Reply:
I sent you a reply e-mail, Rodger
Frank West Frank West from Blacksburg, VA wrote on August 11, 2008:
Just found your web site. Was attached TAD USS Achomawi ATF 148 4/46 to 8/46 during Operation Crossroads (Able and Baker A Bomb Tests). Also attached to USS Hoist ARS 40 4/52-8/53. Great looking web site.
Admin Reply:
Frank, Thanks for your entry.We are proud of our all-volunteer web site and our webmaster, Tom Thomas, in Bend, OR. Rodger
ENC Charles Wolner USN Ret. ENC Charles Wolner USN Ret. from Rome, NY wrote on August 8, 2008:
Change aboard USS Allegheny ATA 179 From May 1959 to Dec. 1962
Admin Reply:
Chief, Thanks for the correction
ENC Charles Wolner USN Ret. ENC Charles Wolner USN Ret. from Rome, NY wrote on August 8, 2008:
I served aboard the USS Allegheny ATA 179 from May 1959 to Dec. 1969. Home ported at the Brooklyn, Navy Yard. I served on 5 different ships and the Allegheny was the most enjoyable. We did underwater research work for Colombia Univ. and Hudson Lab. We made a lot of runs to the Caribbean Island's in our mission's. The ship went to Bermuda for some "Rum Runs". We had a great crew that worked hard and played hard.
Admin Reply:
Chief, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger Dana
Rick Tartaglia Rick Tartaglia from california wrote on August 7, 2008:
Anyone out there serve aboard USS Salinan ATF161 in the 60's out of Key West Florida.
Admin Reply:
Rick, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger Dana
Tom Wilson Tom Wilson from Port of Richmond wrote on August 6, 2008:
USS Moctobi and Quapaw are in the process of being taken overseas for refit. The Moctobi will be the tow vessel. The repair crew would like any help from prior engineers, manuals etc that may be available. please call Ben at 281-932-4082. Thanks Tom 510-215-4605
Admin Reply:
Tom, I sent you an e-mail from Rodger Dana
Richard Rohn Richard Rohn from Foxfire Village NC 27281 wrote on August 5, 2008:
I was on the Uss Pursuit until Decommissioned and then was on the uss Serrano until Sept.1961.Would like to hear from anyone that was on the Serrano in the early 60"s
Admin Reply:
Richard I sent you an E-mail about your entry, Rodger Dana _________________________________________
jeff darling-uss utina-atf163 jeff darling-uss utina-atf163 from lynn,ma wrote on August 3, 2008:
i would just like to say hi to all you tuggers.hope to see you guys at the reunion in providence.i live north of providence near boston in lynn,ma.right on the ocean where i will always be near.i still have salt water in my veins.hope any of my shipmates from the utina will be there.i would love to talk over old times.i will bring old pictures of the ship inside and out.i was the sea detail lookout,the main lookout from july/66 until july/68.i was an bme3.loved the duty and the guys.just a few of us northerners aboard.chamberlin,ryder,goodwin,mele,birch and sink.i still remember you guys.40 long years.let!s meet. jeff
David 'Pod' Podurgiel David 'Pod' Podurgiel from Pittsburgh,Pa wrote on July 31, 2008:
USS Saugus YTB-780 Holy Loch, Scotland Feb.1985-Aug 1987. Best 2 1/2 years of my life.
Admin Reply:
Pod, Thanks for your input. That WAS great duty! Rodger __________
Garry Brown Garry Brown from Tucumcari, NM wrote on July 21, 2008:
I served onboard USS Abnaki (ATF-96) from 1960-63. I was a deck seaman. Would like to hear from old ship mates during that period.
Ross J. Kramer Ross J. Kramer from DeLand, Florida wrote on July 21, 2008:
Hi Rodger, I was in the Old Navy too. I'm looking for any of the old boots from company 073 at San Diego, CA from 1952. We went in in January 1952. About 15 of us went aboard the old Apache, ATF67. Don't know what happened to the rest of them. Ross
James Leach James Leach from St.Petersburg, Florida wrote on July 20, 2008:
Served on the USS Cree (ATF-84) and USS Hitchiti (103) from Dec76-May 78 Great Website. I've been away for awhile in MOntana and look forward to renewing my Membership. Jim Leach
Admin Reply:
Jim, Glad to hear you are renewing your membership. I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Tim Menzel Tim Menzel from Milwaukee wrote on July 19, 2008:
Hi All, Thanks for such a great site! I am attempting to honor those who have served in the Navy (WWII-postwar) on AT, ATS-type tugs with a book as there seems to be a niche. I would appreciate any information, specs, photos that anyone would provide. Sincerely Timothy Menzel CPT,MS,WIARNG
Admin Reply:
Timothy, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Zack Zack from the bbc wrote on July 19, 2008:
Hey T, finely got a chance to say hey. Its a cool sight you have going on. See you soon.
Admin Reply:
Thanks for the compliments Zack TT said that.
Paul Sauer Paul Sauer from Utah wrote on July 11, 2008:
Hello, I served on the USS Deliver ARS 23 May 1972 Feb 1973. Qm3
Admin Reply:
Paul, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Ed Poff Ed Poff from Sebring, Florida wrote on July 5, 2008:
I served on the USS TAWAKONI ATF-114 right out on Radio School from 1954-1956. Left for staff duty in Japan in 1956. Billups Lodge (the Navy Cartoonist) was our XO at that time. Had some great shipmates and good times while aboard. Would love to hear from any ex-shipmates.
john watkins john watkins from asheville, n.c. wrote on July 3, 2008:
served aboard u.s.s. Molala (atf-106)1960-1962
Admin Reply:
John, I sent you a message from me at, Rodger
JOE McINTOSH JOE McINTOSH from OKLAHOMA wrote on June 24, 2008:
I was a diver stationed aboard the USS Takelma ATF-113 out of Pearl in 1968-69. We "played" the Antilles in Tora!Tora!Tora! I loved the ship, the crew and the memories. Returned to Pearl in 2000 and really got emotional as memories rushed over me! Love to hear from Takelma crew. I am in touch with Richard Ray SK2in North Carolina. Joe McIntosh 3448 oak Creek Circle Newcaslt, OK 73065
Admin Reply:
Joe, I sent you a reply from
Robbie Miles Robbie Miles from Tampa wrote on June 20, 2008:
We recently found postcards from WWII when my grandfather, Dean E. Welch, served on the ATR-69 at Port Angeles, Wash. in 1945. I would love to learn more about tug sailors daily life to include in a family history book based on the postcards. He did basic at Great Lakes NTS in '44, then trained at Camp Shoemaker in Calif., then to Port Angeles. If you'd like to stroll down memory lane, I'd love to listen. My grandfather passed in '83 so any info is worthwhile. can reach me at
RICHARD ZENT RICHARD ZENT from USS CHOWANOC ATF 100 wrote on June 11, 2008:
Admin Reply:
Hello Richard, The reunion in Providence should be a GREAT one!
Stan Sears Stan Sears from Hurst,Tx wrote on June 11, 2008:
Served aboard the Uss Serrano,ATF converted to AGS 68-69. Served on USS Moctobi ATF 105 69 before going to DaNang. Would love to hear from old shipmates. Thanks for such a great web site. Miss the tugs but mostly miss the shipmates. Greatest duty in the Navy.
Admin Reply:
Come join us mate. The quarterly magazine Towline is worth the price of admission by itself!
Jerry Jones Jerry Jones from Lebanon, Indiana wrote on June 9, 2008:
I served aboard USS Mahopac ATA 196 as Commanding Officer from October 1964 to October 1966. Ship was homparted in Yokosuka, Japan and we did a lot in the build up of Vietnam by towing all sorts of "stuff" to Vietnam.
Admin Reply:
We have a member that also served during those years Captain.
Ron Johnsen Ron Johnsen from Fremont, CA wrote on June 5, 2008:
Served on USS MATACO (ATF-86) '63-'64 as EM3/EM2. Best duty I had. Love to hear from any Mataco sailors. Ron Johnsen, EMC Ret.
Admin Reply:
NAFTS counts a couple dozen Mataco sailors in it's membership. Why not join us? We also featured some great Mataco stories in Towline, our quarterly magazine.
William Anderson William Anderson from San Diego, CA wrote on June 5, 2008:
My father was on the USS Sonoma 1943-44, transferred off prior to her sinking late 1944. If there is anyone who has knowledge of the Sonoma I would appreciate hearing from them. I am trying to locate the ships compliment registry to find out who was "Killed in Action". My fathers best friend was one of those killed. My father, Wilford F. "Bill or Willy" Anderson died on 14 August 1970, should anyone be interested. Thank you, William Anderson
Admin Reply:
Sonoma sunk on 24 October 1944 in San Pedro Bay. Leyte Gulf, after being hit by a flaming Japanese bomber amidships,Starboard. Chickasaw (ATF 83) came to her aid, put out the fires and removed her casualties. She sank later in 18 feet of water off Dio Island attempting to beach. None of the crew were killed in the action. (re. America's Tugs of War Jim Perkins)