Christmas is about gifts. For those of us who are Christians Christmas is about the greatest gift of all, the Christ child, the Savior. Christmas is about gifts.
Sometimes I forget just what a wonderful gift friendship is. The NAFTS reunions bring the blessings of the gift of friendship into reality for me.
It is the Sunday evening before Christmas and I am thinking about friendships.
A couple of days ago we received a Christmas card from Viola Ibarra, the wife of my best man in our wedding 46 years ago. My friend Hugo, her husband died in mid-July last summer. Hugo was 12 years my senior and had serious heart issues, but his passing was still a shock. Vi said she is still struggling with the loss and could only now tell Cindy and me of his passing.
Hugo and Vi helped Cindy and me through some difficult times early in our marriage. I thought to myself, did I ever tell him just how much his friendship meant to me, to us? I think I did! I hope I did.
This morning in church a dear friend, a 92 year old lady, sat in front of us. As the sermon went on my mind wandered and I thought to myself have I ever told that lady how much her friendship has meant to me, to us.
As I remember the gift of the Christ child I have received yet another very special gift, the motivation to write letters to special friends and tell them how truly special they are to me.
This sounds like the beginning of a New Year’s resolution. It is a long list. I don’t know how successful I will be, but I am starting tonight.
May your Christmas be the merriest and the New Year be filled with blessings. Thank you for the gift of your friendship.

Bob Campbell