USS Lipan ATF-85 – USCGC Lipan WMEC-85

USS Lipan (AT-85)  constructed for the United States Navy during World War II. Her purpose was to aid ships, usually by towing, on the high seas or in combat or post-combat areas, plus "other duties as assigned." She served in the Pacific Ocean and after successful support of World War II and the Korean War, her crew returned home proudly displaying two battle stars for World War II and four battle stars for their efforts during the Korean War.

4 thoughts on “USS Lipan ATF-85 – USCGC Lipan WMEC-85

  1. What happened to rest of the ATF-85 Lipan info. Seems to me there many more photos and information at the last web site..

    • Joe – again, there were years of photos and info that Tom had on his web site. He worked the site as a labor of love. Nafts is adding more of the info as we can afford it – through a professional webmaster. He has another (actually two) full time job. The board is actively searching for a volunteer webmaster to add more of the old info to our site.

  2. looking for anybody who was on the Lipan 71-72 who remembers the ship being tied up to a pier, in Vietnam? I remember going ashore to pick up mail. We also towed a large pier from Vietnam to Pearl Harbor.

    • Hey Buddy, it’s Reich!!!

      Yes, we were tied up in Vung Tau, RVN on more than one occasion. Remember the Army guy Slaughter who we met him on mail runs?

      We picked up two De Long piers to tow back to Pearl, 58 days at sea. Out

      Let me know how you’re doing

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