Tug turned into Luxury Home

5 years ago Phil Wallis moved out of his 5 bedroom home in the Crouch End area of London and moved into an old tug boat. Phil purchased the US Navy tug for a little less than $200,000. After putting in two years and an extra $60,000 worth of renovations Phil has himself one of the nicer houseboats we've ever seen. Three bedrooms, a sunken bathtub, and a full kitchen! Good work Phil!


The report say its a Navy tug "Jorga"  but it looks to be a Army Tug - ATTLEBORO, LT 1977.  What do you guys think? Is this the ATTLEBORO? Everyone chime in!

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One thought on “Tug turned into Luxury Home

  1. Looks like an Army tug to me as well. Not of the vintage you’d see in the early days (1965) in Danang before NSA was established. The shallow draft allowed them to bring some of the larger barges into the mouth of the Han river. This fellow did a great job of making it a livable space.

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