USS Arikara ATF 98

////USS Arikara ATF 98

USS Arikara ATF 98

USS Arikara ATF 98

  • Laid down as Fleet Tug (AT-98) at Charleston Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., Charleston, S.C.
  • Launched, 22 June 1943
  • Commissioned, USS Arikara (AT-98), 5 January 1944, LT. John Aitken, USN in command
  • Reclassified Fleet Ocean Tug (ATF-98), 15 May 1944
  • During World War II USS Arikara was first assigned to the Europe-Africa-Middle East Theater and later to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater participating in the following campaigns:

    Europe-Africa-Middle East Campaign
    Invasion of Normandy,
    6 to 25 June 1944
    Task Group 122.3 - Salvage and Fire Fighting
    Group (Wreck Dispersal Vessel)
    Okinawa Gunto operation
    Assault and occupation of Okinawa Gunto,
    March to 19 June 1945
    Invasion of southern France,
    15 August to 25 September 1944



  • During the Korean War USS Arikara participated in the following campaigns:

     Korean War Campaigns
    Campaigns and Dates Campaigns and Dates
    North Korean

    2 July to 12 September
    18 September
    to 2 November 1950
    Second Korean Winter
    4 to 24 February 1952
    14 March to 3 April 1952
    15 to 17 April 1952
    Communist China

    3 November
    to 30 December 1950
    Korean Defense
    Summer-Fall 1952

    7 May to 6 June 1952
    26 June to 12 July 1952
    20 July to 7 August 1952
    Inchon Landing
    13 to 17 September 1950


  • During the Vietnam War USS Arikara participated in the following campaigns:

     Vietnam War Campaigns
    Campaigns and Dates Campaigns and Dates
    Vietnamese Counteroffensive - Phase II
    28 August to 3 September1966
    18 September to 24 October 1966
    31 October 1966
    18 November to 31 December 1966
    Vietnam Winter-Spring 1970I
    1 November to 7 December 1969
    Vietnam Summer-Fall 1969
    17 August to 22 September 1969
    9 to 14 and 17 to 31 October 1969
    Vietnamese Counteroffensive - Phase VII
    31 December 1970


  • Decommissioned, 1 July 1971 and transferred under the Security Assistance Program to Chile, renamed, Sargento Aledea (ATF-63)
  • Current Disposition, serving in the Chilean Navy
  • USS Arikara earned three battle stars for World War II service, five battle stars for the Korean War service and four campaign stars for Vietnam War service

    Displacement 1,205 t.(lt) 1,589 t.(fl)
    Length 205'
    Beam 38' 6"
    Draft 15' 4"
    Speed 16.5 kts.
    ComplementOfficers 8Enlisted 68
    Armamentone single 3"/50 dual purpose gun mounttwo twin 40mm AA gun mountstwo single 20mm AA gun mounts
    Propulsionfour 900hp Alco 531 Diesel-eectric main engines driving a double ended 3000hp main motorShip's Service Generatorsone 200Kw Cooper Bessemer FS6 Diesel generator settwo 100 Kw Superior Engine Diesel generator sets
    single propellers, 3,000shp

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