Navajo Class Fleet Tug:

  • Laid down, 22 June 1942, at Charleston Shipbuilding and Drydock Co., Charleston, S.C.
  • Launched, 5 November 1942
  • Commissioned USS Kiowa (AT-72), 7 June 1943, LT. William O. Kuykendall in command
  • Redesignated Fleet Ocean Tug (ATF-72), 15 May 1944
  • During World War II USS Kiowa was assigned to the Europe-Africa-Middle East Theater and participated in the following campaign:

     Europe-Africa-Middle East Campaign
    Campaign and Dates
    Invasion of Normandy, 6 to 25 June 1944 
    Task Group 122.3 - Salvage and Fire Fighting Group (Wreck Dispersal Vessel)







  • Decommissioned, date unknown
  • Transferred (loaned) to the Dominican Republic under terms of the Security Assistance Act in 1972, renamed Macorix (RM-21)
  • Struck from the Naval Register, 15 September 1979
  • Decommissioned by the Dominican Republic in 1986 and returned to US custody
  • Final Disposition, sold for scrapping by Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service, 12 December 1994
  • USS Kiowa received one battle star for World War II service

    Displacement 1,164 t.(lt) 
    Length 205' 
    Beam 38' 6" 
    Draft 15' 4" (lim) 
    Speed 16.5 kts. 
    ComplementOfficers 5Enlisted 80 
    Largest Boom Capacity 20 t. 
    Armamentone single 3"/50 cal. dual purpose gun mounttwo single 40mm AA gun mountsfour .50 cal. mgs 
    Fuel Capacity Diesel 2,260 Bbls 
    PropulsionDiesel-electric, four General Motors 12-278A diesel main engines driving four General Electric generators and three General Motors 3-268A auxiliary services enginessingle Fairbanks Morse Main Reduction Gears
    single propeller, 3,000shp