“The Difficult We Do Today - The Impossible May Take Until Tomorrow"

The National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors, Inc. (NAFTS) is incorporated to foster good will and fellowship among members by hosting and supporting national, regional, local events and an annual reunion.

NAFTS perpetuates and memorializes tugs, salvage and tug-type vessels and those who served on them in the naval and military services of the United States of America. We seek out those who served on these vessels.

NAFTS serves as a repository for information and artifacts concerning tugs in the military and naval service of the United States and assists disabled and needy veterans of naval and military service on tugs, salvage, and tug-type vessels, and their widows, dependents, and orphans.

NAFTS supports appropriate museums, ship memorials and similar activities and encourages members to participate in patriotic activities.

NAFTS publicizes the contribution of tugs, salvage and tug-type vessels to the Navy and military services and conducts programs for charitable, scientific, literary, and educational purposes.

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For information contact one of the following:

President: Dennis Colton (2017 - 2020)



Vice President for Reunions: PJ Rolow (2016 – 2021)



Vice President Ombudsman: Leon Maierhafer (2018 - 2020)



Treasurer: PJ Rolow (2016 – 2021)



Secretary: Paul Coverdale (2018 – 2020)



Chairman of the Board: Jim Wassmuth (2018 – 2020)



Chaplain: Clifford Marsh (2018 – 2020)



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Membership Issues: Chuck Winke (2016 – 2021)



Towline Questions or Submissions: Rich Tetrault (2018 – 2020)



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