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Bernard F. Rash Bernard F. Rash from Hawaii wrote on September 12, 2009
Aloha, I reported aboard my first ship the USS Cocopa (ATF-101) the 4th of July 1960. I was a new Ensign just out of the NROTC program at the University of Idaho. The Cocopa was then homeported at Pearl Harbor. After a Westpac tour and a few other assignments the Cocopa received orders to change homeport to San Diego. I transferred from the ship in Dec 1961. Would like to extend a fond aloha to all the crew.
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Bernard, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
jerry orfano jerry orfano from bklyn New york wrote on September 6, 2009
Great site I am building a 1/48 scale atf and the site gave me alot of info
Admin Reply:
Glad we could help. When you complete the model ATF, please send a photo of it to us, Rodger NAFTS President
Troy "Andy" Dodson EM3 Troy "Andy" Dodson EM3 from North Carolina wrote on August 26, 2009
USS PAIUTE 159....1987-1990
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Estil "big E" Ewing Estil "big E" Ewing from El Cajon, CA wrote on August 25, 2009
Served on USS Sioux ATF-75 1957 to 1961 IC2 Great duty helped an 18 yr old grow up and get some direction in his life. Made some life long friends and had experiences that will stay with me forever. I say hello to all my brothers who served on the old ATF's. We were part of a very close, unique, elite group of sailors. ..Big "E"
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Big E, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Ron mc daniel Ron mc daniel from St Louis area wrote on August 25, 2009
Hi was cook on board molala 69-73 alot of great guys/memories God Bless
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Ron, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Robert Parker Robert Parker from Bremerton, Washington wrote on August 25, 2009
Nice site. I served in the U.S.S.Current ARS-22 and the U.S.S.Conserver ARS-39. Talk about your working ships. Whew.
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Robert, I sent you an e-mail fom, Rodger ___________________________________________
Benjamin Foster Benjamin Foster from New Orleans (ArabI) wrote on August 20, 2009
Any photos of the YTM Konoko (Known in Merchant Service as the Emma Brown). Any info greatly appreciated Best Regards, Foster Remember the Texas
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Ben, I sent you an E-mail from, Rodger
J.A. LOHR, CTAC, USN, (RET) J.A. LOHR, CTAC, USN, (RET) from Coplay, Pa wrote on August 17, 2009
I have in my possession a ship's bell that is stamped "USS ATR 32 1943". I am presently attempting to locate a history, pictures or any other memerobilia regarding this ship.
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I sent you a reply from, Rodger
Paul LeBoeuf Paul LeBoeuf from Belle Chasse, Louisiana wrote on August 6, 2009
Have been viewing your web site and am wishing someone from your group could possibly let me know where I could obtain plans of the WW11 US Navy ATR tugs so that I can build a model there of. I viewed a couple of pics of a n abandoned ATR tug in South America. During WW11 I worked on tugs on the lower Miss River and saw many of those tugs on the river, thanks for any help someone can provide. Paul LeBoeuf
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Paul, I sent you an e-mail from Rodger
Tom Rumsey Tom Rumsey from Benicia, California wrote on August 6, 2009
Great web site. I visit any Navy Veteran web sites that sound interesting and try to stay in touch with veterans of any USN unit that ever serviced a submarine. Tugs alway facinated me. Boats with small elite crews are the best in the Navy. I say a plaque in your web site from U S Naval Forces Marianas. I have been looking for the corresponding patch for my SubVets vest and have not been able to locate one. If any one knows where to get one please let me know. Respectfully Tom Rumsey MMCS(SS) USN Retired
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Tom, I sent you an e-mail from Rodger
Steve Charles Steve Charles from Texas wrote on August 5, 2009
I served aboard the USS Cree ATF-84 in the early 70's. Great ship,Good duty. I still correspond with a couple of my old shipmates, Steven Walla and William Kieth We were all enginemen. Great web site.
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Steve, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Dennis Pangburn Dennis Pangburn from Napa, California wrote on August 2, 2009
Hello to all, hope to see some Reclaimer ARS-42 sailors in Las Vegas this November. EN-2 Ars -42 11/59 to 5/63 Twice over shellback.Eagerly awaiting my next towline. Dennis #2353
Admin Reply:
Dennis, Thanks for the input. See you in Las Vegas in November for the 20th annual NAFTS reunion, Rodger
Paul Cusmano Paul Cusmano from New Jersey wrote on August 2, 2009
Just checking out the guest book. Served on the USS Reclaimer ARS-42 from November 1979 - June 1980.
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Paul, I sent you a message from, Rodger
leon maierhafer leon maierhafer from fremont,wi wrote on July 30, 2009
I'm sorry, forgot the d in Rodger Dana's name.
Admin Reply:
Leon, You are forgiven, see you at the annual reunion, Rodger
leon maierhafer leon maierhafer from fremont,wi wrote on July 29, 2009
Best wishes to everyone. Hope to see everyone in Lost Wages. Thanks to Don Graham and Roger for blaming limberger cheese on Lipan sailors. They really are a rowdy bunch.
Admin Reply:
Roger who?? Rodger
James Wang James Wang from Taiwan wrote on July 26, 2009
Hi! Everyone, I served on board the ROCN Ta-Tai ATF-563 (Taiwan Navy) from Jun. 1985 to Jun. 1995. Ta-Tai ATF-563 also was the USS Shakori ATF-162. I love the ship a lot. She has a glory past, and is also in good condition and serving in Taiwan Navy now!
Admin Reply:
James, Thank you for your prompt response, with photos. your shipmate, Rodger
Joe Wasko Joe Wasko from Akron, OH wrote on July 21, 2009
Served on the USS Tawakoni from 1967 to 1969. Haven't seen many Tawakoni guys on this website. Maybe one day I will make a reunion.
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Joe, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger ______________________________________________
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Shipmate Wilcox, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
David Vanasse David Vanasse from Alfred ME wrote on July 19, 2009
Served on board the USS Luiseno (ATF-156) from 1/1/1972 to 7/1/1975. Was a good time of my life and made lots of friends in the process. Anyone who served during that same time? Would be good to hear from you! All the best to all who served on her and other ships!
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David, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
john watkins john watkins from asheville, n.c. wrote on July 13, 2009
served aboard u.s.s. molala atf-106 1960 until aug 1962 would like to hear from ship mates at that time. tks.
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John, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
james t dobbins james t dobbins from candler nc wrote on July 7, 2009
I WAS CAPTAIN ON ARMY TUG ST2130 IN VIETNAM ,PART OF 64-65&66-67 cw2 james t dobbins
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James, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Mike Stasiak Mike Stasiak from Bonneau Beach, SC wrote on July 5, 2009
I served on USS Cocopa (ATF-101) in 1965-66 as an SK2. In desperate need of contact with anyone who was onboard in Oct 65 when we fouled screw in the buoy cable off Viet Nam. Need info for a disability claim. Please contact if you can help!
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Mike, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger _________
Dan Margheim Dan Margheim from Windsor Colorado wrote on July 5, 2009
I served onboard USS Tawasa ATF 92.Will try to make the reunion in nov. I served on board the USS Tawasa ATF-92. Will try to make it to the reunion in Nov. Remember good times like fishing off the fantail while towing a barge to Hawaii.
Admin Reply:
Dan, I sent you an e-mail from , Rodger
Jack Campbell Jack Campbell from Middlesboro KY wrote on June 30, 2009
Served aboard the U.S.S. Umpqua, ATA 209 as an RM2 from 1957-1961. Trying to find shipmates from that time period.
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Jack, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
William OConnell William OConnell from New York wrote on June 17, 2009
My father was a Chief MOMM, William Patrick O'Connell, everyone called him Buddy or Chief. He was on the USS Utina ATF 163 from 1948 until 1952. We lived in a house in Newtown at Guantanamo Bay during those years. If any one of your members knew my Dad I'd love to hear from them. My sisters and I are trying to make a history of our fathers 20 years in the Navy. Thank you in advance Bill
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I sent you an e-mail from Rodger
Kevin Kevin from Massachusetts wrote on June 16, 2009
Served as MK-2/1 on CGC Cherokee 1982-84. Much of the towing gear had been removed so it road even worse then most ATF's. Still had plenty of gut's in those big EMD 567's. I have tried unsuccessfully to learn about Cherokee's part in the No. Africa Invasion as a Navy ATF. Would love to locate log books from Nov. 1942- Jan.43. Also have been trying to get names of the ATF's involved in the recovery of USS Missouri grounding at Hampton Roads in Jan-Feb. 1950
Admin Reply:
Kevin, I sent you an e-mail from RDana@NAFTS,com, Rodger
Randy Roberts Randy Roberts from Greenwood , IN wrote on June 11, 2009
I'm trying to find info about the boat my Dad served on in WWII. I have a picture with no hull number. He passed away in 1971 before I could ask him questions about his sevice. His name was Hiram (Frank)Roberts and he severed from 1943 to 1945 in the Pacific. Any info please e-mail
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Randy, I sent you an e-mail from Rodger
Chris McMillen Chris McMillen from Canal Winchester, OH wrote on June 7, 2009
My Grandpa, Linus Bishop served aboard the USS Pawnee (ATF-74) in WWII (1943-45). On I found the book "We Will Stand By You" (about the Pawnee in WWII) and gave him a copy, Grandma said he must have read it 5 or 6 times! It was very cool to share that with him, He took notes and shared them with me. He's very proud to have served. Thank you to all who have served past & present.
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Chris, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
James E. McLeod James E. McLeod from Jacksonville, FL wrote on June 6, 2009
Served aboard the USS Chowanoc (ATF-100) out of San Diego from fall 1963 to summer 1966. Made two Westpac cruises and spent time in DaNang harbor and Saigon River. Was ship's yeoman (YNSN, YN3, YN2) and served as Captain's phone talker on the bridge. Thoroughly enjoyed my 3 years aboard, and looking back, was probably my best times of the last 60 years. Would love to do them over again. Great times on liberty in Japan, Phillipines, Guam, Korea, Hawaii. Served under Capt (LT) Seagrist and XO (LTJG) Erwin. They changed me from a kid to a man in 3 years. Spent a lot of time in the XO's stateroom with his size 12 foot up my b***, but he deserves a lot of credit for what I turned out to be.
Admin Reply:
Jim, Thanks for promptly responding to my e-mail, Rodger
Jim Bendickson Jim Bendickson from Brandon Florida wrote on June 6, 2009
I can not tell my father thank you anymore for his service on ATF-87 during WWII but I can still send my thanks to all of the Fleet tug sailors who served in WWII and especially during the D-DAY invasion in Normandy who are still alive. Thank you for your courage, honor, and sacrifice. Jim Bendickson ( Son of Edwin Bendickson ATF-87 - Moreno)
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Jim, I sent you an E-mail from , Rodger
James Hadenfeldt James Hadenfeldt from Solon, Iowa wrote on May 30, 2009
Served on the USS Tawakoni ATF 114 from Dec 1963 to May 1967
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James, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Todd Anderson Todd Anderson from Wichita, Ks. USA wrote on May 18, 2009
Just found the site cruising nautical links. I served aboard USS Reclaimer ARS-42 from 1980-1983 and on YTB's Redwing (YTB 783) and Washtucna (YTB 826)from 1987-89. Glad to see a site for old Salvors
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I sent you an e-mail from Rodger
Leon Theriault Leon Theriault from El Cerrito, CA wrote on May 17, 2009
Just purchased a light from the Tug Quapaw ATF 110... anyone have any info on it?
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I sent you a reply from Rodger
Don Epperson Don Epperson from Albany, Oregon wrote on May 11, 2009
Just read the 2009 Newsletter and have booked my room for the Golden Nugget for the November 2009 Reunion. I served on the USS QUAPAW (ATF-110)as a YN2/1 from 1968-1970
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I sent you a reply from Rodger
Samuel Yardumian Samuel Yardumian from Huntingdon Valley, Pa. wrote on May 9, 2009
For Dave Buskey - When were you on the Seneca? Sam Yardumian, IC3, 12/60 - 11/63
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I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Gerald G Gwin ENCS (SW) Gerald G Gwin ENCS (SW) from Bremerton, WA wrote on May 2, 2009
Served on the USS Moctobi ATF-105 78-82 was SERVRON 5 Diesel Inspector 85-88
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Senior Chief, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Donlea Lozano Donlea Lozano from California wrote on April 30, 2009
(sorry about prior post - computer challenged) My father, Don Coughlan was an electrian's mate aboard the Seize beginning when it was commissioned in Vallejo, CA until the end of the war. The record says the ship was commissioned in Nov. 1944 - I have an original invitation to the commissioning ceremony that indicates the date was actually Dec. 1944. It is most interesting to have seen a post from someone Guest: Ed Sams AboutGuest: Ex Radarman who served with my Dad and may have known him!
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I sent you an e-mail from Rodger
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Bob, I sent you a reply from, Rodger
john atkinson john atkinson from OSSINING NEW YORK wrote on April 9, 2009
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John, I sent you an E-mail from Rodger
David A. Buskey David A. Buskey from New Cumberland, Pa wrote on April 9, 2009
Former USS SENECA ATF91 crewman who just found this site and will be sure to visit it again often in the future
Admin Reply:
Dave, I sent you an e-mail from Rodger
James (Jim) Duermeyer James (Jim) Duermeyer from Ft. Worth, TX wrote on March 23, 2009
Served as XO on the Ute in 1971/72. Lots of trips in and out of Viet Nam pulling "stuff" back to Subic; and all over the rest of WestPac. Wonder if any other Ute guys of those years are members.
Admin Reply:
Jim, I sent you an E-mail from Rodger
Cdr. R. J. Ritter Cdr. R. J. Ritter from Houston, Tx. wrote on March 16, 2009
As a member of the ( Congressional ) Veteran's Advisory Board on ( radiation ) Dose Reconstruction, and in keeping with our "Veterans-Alert" Outreach program, we are posting the following important information for any Fleet Tug sailor who may have participated in an Atomic Bomb test in the Pacific Ocean ....... There were 560,000 military personnel involved with atmospheric ( and underwater ) testing of Nuclear ( and Thermo-nuclear ) weapons, from 1945 to the end of 1962. Many of these personnel served aboard several types of Navy Auxiliary ships, including Fleet Tugs. Those who were involved in Atomic Weapons tests are classified ( by Congress ) as "Atomic-Veterans." If you are an Atomic-Veteran, you may be entitled to "service-connected" benefits form the V.A., for illnesses that may have been caused by exposure to Atomic Radiation particles, while on active duty...... There are also benefits available to the surviving spouse of a deceased Atomic Veteran, again, by Congressional mandates. If you are an Atomic-Vet, and have any questions regarding potential V.A. benefits, the National Association of Atomic Veterans is available to assist you in filing a claim for such purposes. As an old Fleet Tug sailor myself, I have devoted my ( retirement ) free time those Atomic-Veterans who are experiencing health issues related to those events. R. J. Ritter ( USS Tawasa - ATF-92 ) Managing Director - National Commander Nat. Assoc. of Atomic Veterans Member: Veterans Advisory Board on ( radiation ) Dose Reconstruction Houston, Tx. 713-703-0563
Don Graham Don Graham from Cornwall U.K. wrote on March 2, 2009
looking forward to Las Vegas had a great time in Providence(except for cheese incident WOW)
Admin Reply:
Don, Sorry about that! Those USS LIPAN Sailors are sometimes extra rowdy........
Richard Aronson Richard Aronson from Vancouver WA wrote on March 1, 2009
was aboard USNS SIOUX T-ATF-171 for two years 87-90
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Richard, I sent you an e-mail from Rodger _______________________________________________
Brian McNabb Brian McNabb from Louisiana wrote on March 1, 2009
USS Papago ATF-160 Pre-Com crew 1986-1989, Little Creek, VA. IC1
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I sent you an e-mail from
Pete Ramsey Pete Ramsey from American Falls, Idaho 83211 wrote on February 26, 2009
USS Cree ATF 84, 1967...1971 EM2
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Pete, I sent you an e-mail from Rodger
Ken Ramos Ken Ramos from Whaling City wrote on February 24, 2009
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Ken, I sent you an E-mail from Rodger
Michael C Rieker Michael C Rieker from Dunedin, FL wrote on February 20, 2009
Greetings. I served aboard the USS Current (ARS-22), which sailed out of Pearl Harbor. I was a deck ape on the Current from April 15, 1966 to Nov. 26, 1967 when I was then transferred to Da nang Viet Nam to work on river boats. While on Current I experienced working close with the divers and we completed several salvage ops that were everything from lifting the engines of a crashed US Air Force C-141 Starlifter to pulling merchant ships from reefs to patching a hole and re-floating a Shell Oil Tanker. I have to say that life was never boring on board Current and I fully enjoyed my tour on a fleet tug. Current was also assigned the duty of towing a living barge, (APL-26) to Vung Tau Viet Nam to be the home of US Navy and US Army personnel assigned to the Mobile Riverine Force. During this tow from Bremerton, Washington to South Viet Nam, Current encountered a force 4 typhoon which was another exciting event. We were in wave troughs that were 20' higher then the signal bridge and taking rolls of 55 degrees. At one point the wind had pushed our tow ahead of us and while cutting it loose was not an option, it was considered. God rest the souls of all the Fleet Tug Sailors who have passed before us. We'll sail together again some day.
Admin Reply:
Mike , Thanks for your prompt response to my e-mail from complimentary issue of NAFTS TOWLINE magazine is in the mail to you. Rodger
Bonnie Brewer Bonnie Brewer from Northern California wrote on February 8, 2009
Hello, My Uncle, Bud Scott, who lives in Salem, Oregon, served aboard the Ajax when it helped save the Canberra. He also served on another tug. He has told me a little about the sort of things you did... but after reading a lot of sites today... it is pretty clear that he is being very low key abuot what an incredible job you all did. I am partial to the story about the Canberra's engine swap... LOL. I have a photo of my husband and his buddies when the Canberra was in dry dock... I don't know if it was before or after the bean counters nightmare of the wrong engine numbers... but it sure was a long time ago... and that was onlly 1960. Oddly enough, my husband served on the 1960 Canberra "Good Will Tour"... LOL ... the one with all the missiles. He would not have been on the Canberra if it weren't for my Uncle and the rest of the amazing men and their "little ships that could" that did such an incredible job, under impossible conditions. They should have issued you all capes and shirts with Red S's on them. I wish I could have seen more of the site, it must be great. I wish my Uncle did computers so I could send it to him. My Uncle, and two brothers were in the Navy... my husband was a Sea Going Marine on the Canberra. Not enough credit is given... not enough honor for the men who served. Thank you, every single one of you for what you have done for the us. Bonnie
Admin Reply:
Bonnie, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
michael w. cornelison michael w. cornelison from san antonio texas wrote on February 8, 2009
aboard USS Shakori ATF-162 1973-1977 HT-1
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Michael, I sent you a NAFTS E-mail from, Rodger _______________________________________________