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Tim Menzel Tim Menzel from Milwaukee wrote on July 19, 2008
Hi All, Thanks for such a great site! I am attempting to honor those who have served in the Navy (WWII-postwar) on AT, ATS-type tugs with a book as there seems to be a niche. I would appreciate any information, specs, photos that anyone would provide. Sincerely Timothy Menzel CPT,MS,WIARNG
Admin Reply:
Timothy, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Zack Zack from the bbc wrote on July 19, 2008
Hey T, finely got a chance to say hey. Its a cool sight you have going on. See you soon.
Admin Reply:
Thanks for the compliments Zack TT said that.
Paul Sauer Paul Sauer from Utah wrote on July 11, 2008
Hello, I served on the USS Deliver ARS 23 May 1972 Feb 1973. Qm3
Admin Reply:
Paul, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Ed Poff Ed Poff from Sebring, Florida wrote on July 5, 2008
I served on the USS TAWAKONI ATF-114 right out on Radio School from 1954-1956. Left for staff duty in Japan in 1956. Billups Lodge (the Navy Cartoonist) was our XO at that time. Had some great shipmates and good times while aboard. Would love to hear from any ex-shipmates.
john watkins john watkins from asheville, n.c. wrote on July 3, 2008
served aboard u.s.s. Molala (atf-106)1960-1962
Admin Reply:
John, I sent you a message from me at, Rodger
JOE McINTOSH JOE McINTOSH from OKLAHOMA wrote on June 24, 2008
I was a diver stationed aboard the USS Takelma ATF-113 out of Pearl in 1968-69. We "played" the Antilles in Tora!Tora!Tora! I loved the ship, the crew and the memories. Returned to Pearl in 2000 and really got emotional as memories rushed over me! Love to hear from Takelma crew. I am in touch with Richard Ray SK2in North Carolina. Joe McIntosh 3448 oak Creek Circle Newcaslt, OK 73065
Admin Reply:
Joe, I sent you a reply from
Robbie Miles Robbie Miles from Tampa wrote on June 20, 2008
We recently found postcards from WWII when my grandfather, Dean E. Welch, served on the ATR-69 at Port Angeles, Wash. in 1945. I would love to learn more about tug sailors daily life to include in a family history book based on the postcards. He did basic at Great Lakes NTS in '44, then trained at Camp Shoemaker in Calif., then to Port Angeles. If you'd like to stroll down memory lane, I'd love to listen. My grandfather passed in '83 so any info is worthwhile. can reach me at
RICHARD ZENT RICHARD ZENT from USS CHOWANOC ATF 100 wrote on June 11, 2008
Admin Reply:
Hello Richard, The reunion in Providence should be a GREAT one!
Stan Sears Stan Sears from Hurst,Tx wrote on June 11, 2008
Served aboard the Uss Serrano,ATF converted to AGS 68-69. Served on USS Moctobi ATF 105 69 before going to DaNang. Would love to hear from old shipmates. Thanks for such a great web site. Miss the tugs but mostly miss the shipmates. Greatest duty in the Navy.
Admin Reply:
Come join us mate. The quarterly magazine Towline is worth the price of admission by itself!
Jerry Jones Jerry Jones from Lebanon, Indiana wrote on June 9, 2008
I served aboard USS Mahopac ATA 196 as Commanding Officer from October 1964 to October 1966. Ship was homparted in Yokosuka, Japan and we did a lot in the build up of Vietnam by towing all sorts of "stuff" to Vietnam.
Admin Reply:
We have a member that also served during those years Captain.
Ron Johnsen Ron Johnsen from Fremont, CA wrote on June 5, 2008
Served on USS MATACO (ATF-86) '63-'64 as EM3/EM2. Best duty I had. Love to hear from any Mataco sailors. Ron Johnsen, EMC Ret.
Admin Reply:
NAFTS counts a couple dozen Mataco sailors in it's membership. Why not join us? We also featured some great Mataco stories in Towline, our quarterly magazine.
William Anderson William Anderson from San Diego, CA wrote on June 5, 2008
My father was on the USS Sonoma 1943-44, transferred off prior to her sinking late 1944. If there is anyone who has knowledge of the Sonoma I would appreciate hearing from them. I am trying to locate the ships compliment registry to find out who was "Killed in Action". My fathers best friend was one of those killed. My father, Wilford F. "Bill or Willy" Anderson died on 14 August 1970, should anyone be interested. Thank you, William Anderson
Admin Reply:
Sonoma sunk on 24 October 1944 in San Pedro Bay. Leyte Gulf, after being hit by a flaming Japanese bomber amidships,Starboard. Chickasaw (ATF 83) came to her aid, put out the fires and removed her casualties. She sank later in 18 feet of water off Dio Island attempting to beach. None of the crew were killed in the action. (re. America's Tugs of War Jim Perkins)
Brian Keys Brian Keys from Georgia wrote on June 2, 2008
I served on USS Recovery ARS43 1982-1986 as a Hull Tech. I like the sight. You Call We Haul
Harold Ferguson Harold Ferguson from White City,Oregon wrote on May 29, 2008
Did my first yr. a/the post,montrey Calif.Second yr. aboard the USS Lipan 85.went from FA. to en3 no better dutie,ever!finish on ATF 96 Did a west pac/alaska/on the 85,even the bad days were great,just can say enough about her,served early 60 to 61 ,any 85er sure would like to hear from you ..fergie en3
Admin Reply:
Fergie, I sent you an e-mail answer via Rodger
Malcolm Maclean Malcolm Maclean from Portsmouth, England wrote on May 9, 2008
After 20 years research, my book "Naval Accidents Since 1945, has finally been published in England by Maritime Books. The book contains details of hundreds of naval vessels of all of the world's navies lost or critically damaged as a result of accidents. Included is several US Navy tugs, including Wateree (ATF-117), Cree (ATF-84) and Secota (YTM-415). Some years ao, I received some valuable assistance from one of your members, George W Kingston, to whom I wish to express my sincere gratitude. I hope that NAFTS shipmates find my book of some interest. Malcolm Maclean Lieutenant Commander Royal Navy
Admin Reply:
Commander Maclean, I sent you an E-mail from Rodger
Randy Bender, MN3, '69-'71 Randy Bender, MN3, '69-'71 from Hudson, FL wrote on May 7, 2008
My dad, Duane Bender, QM2, served in the Pawnee, ATF-74, 1943-45. In 1960, we visited one of his shipmates in Alabama [Hartselle, I think]. I don't remember his name, but think I would if I saw it. Does anyone know if I could get a roster of the Pawnee's crew for those years? Or, perhaps, someone might know of whom I'm speaking and if he's still living. My dad died in '95. Any help will be appreciated.
Admin Reply:
Randy, I sent you an E-mail from Rodger
charles clark charles clark from south fulton tenn wrote on May 3, 2008
uss shakori 1947 to 1950
Admin Reply:
Thanks for checking in at the GUEST BOOK,Charles! Rodger Dana
William M. Moen Sr. RM1 Ret. William M. Moen Sr. RM1 Ret. from Ridgecrest, CA wrote on May 3, 2008
I was a RM1 on board U.S.S. Tawasa ATF-92 1971-1975 Made last NORTHPAC cruise of fleet tugs. Was on operation Sewer Pipe. Made a tow from Midway to Guam with AFDB in tow 56 days one way! Was First station ship Hyphong harbor Operation End Sweep. Was on Operation Neptune.
Admin Reply:
William, I sent you an E-mail from Rodger
Hope to see all you guys in Providence. Great web page keep up good work.
Admin Reply:
Thanks, Don. We will see you there, hope Betty comes also. Rodger
Lloyd Jamison Lloyd Jamison from Shawnee Oklahoma wrote on April 28, 2008
I wonder If there are any old tugers out there,that went through boot camp at farragut Idaho at camp Scott Co-138-43???
Admin Reply:
Lloyd, that's a good question. I wonder how many years that camp was in operation? Rodger
Lovelace (LJ) michel Jr. Lovelace (LJ) michel Jr. from Morgan City, La. wrote on April 28, 2008
served from 1969 to 1972 Rank EN2
Admin Reply:
LJ, I sent you an E-mail from, Rodger
Art Colabella Art Colabella from Brick N.J. wrote on April 25, 2008
GREAT WEB-SITE I'm gonna send in for my membership. I was on the ATA 208 Sagamore and the ATF 156 Luisino 1967-1971 .I will contact some of my old crew mates and send them this sight.
Admin Reply:
Art, I sent you an E-mail from
Eudale Ringgaard Eudale Ringgaard from Brookings, sd wrote on April 24, 2008
Served aboard the USS Cocopa ATF 101 from 1952 to 1956 as an electricians Mate.
Admin Reply:
Eudale, I sent you an e-mail from Rodger
Jack Ellmo Jack Ellmo from St Louis Mo wrote on April 24, 2008
I served aboard the USS BOLSTER ARS38 from March 1952 to May 1953 as an electricians mate.
Admin Reply:
I sent you an E-mail from . Rodger
francis brown francis brown from scotland uk wrote on April 22, 2008
i am the scottish standard bearer for the d.s.r.t.a. i am trying to promote Robin Williams film here in Scotland. I served on HMS REWARD which sunk on the 10th August 1976 I do not have an e-mail address but visit your site at the library. I may at a future date make arrangements to visit you in memory of my mentor and friend DEANE WYNNE (MY DETAILS CAN BE FOUND IN THE MEMBERSHIP LIST OF THE DSRTA)
Admin Reply:
Francis, Thank you for your note. We are always pleased to hear from our DSRTA shipmates. Rodger Dana, NAFTS President.
Jerry Harrison Jerry Harrison from lebanon or wrote on April 18, 2008
I served aboard the USS Mataco ATF 86 from Feb 1956 till July 1958 Mustered out as En2.
Admin Reply:
Jerry, I sent you an E-mail from
Joseph W. Moser Joseph W. Moser from Bradenton, FL wrote on April 18, 2008
Ahoy! If anyone knows where I can get a ship's patch for the USS LIPAN (ATF-85) please let me know. I have this empty space on my patch jacket and it would look great there. LIPAN was the best surface ship I was ever on. I had a blast.
Admin Reply:
Joe, Thanks for joining NAFTS.Any shipmate of Tom Thomas is a shipmate of mine. I sent you an e-mail about the LIPAN patch.If you strike out on that source, get back to me.
Weldon (Carp) Carpenter Weldon (Carp) Carpenter from YTB138 & ATF 100 wrote on April 15, 2008
I am of the OLD Navy. 1955 to 1959. Served on the ATF Chowanc with Rodger Dana,but I am better looking!!54566
Admin Reply:
It's a wonder the Chowanoc ever got anywhere, with Carp asleep at the throttle! :~)) Rodger
Randy Schlegel Randy Schlegel from Wisconsin wrote on April 11, 2008
Great web site..Served on the USS CREE ATF-84 early 70's..Hull Tech-3rd class
Admin Reply:
Randy, Thanks for your visit to our website.
Stephen Lightcap Stephen Lightcap from Blythe, California wrote on April 11, 2008
En3/DV2- USS Cocopa ATF101 From March 71 to Aug 72, Adak, Westpac. Fuel oil and water king, in charge of solo shell evaporator, top watch, member of diving and salvage crew. Could still operate D boiler in my sleep.
Admin Reply:
Stephen, I sent you an e-mail today (11 April) Rodger
Nick Radke Nick Radke from Surf City, USA wrote on April 7, 2008
Good job, Tom. I'll see everyone in Provedence.
Dennis Hockabout Dennis Hockabout from Iowa wrote on April 6, 2008
Tom What a great improvemet. See you on RI Dennis
Admin Reply:
Thanks, Dennis!! Rodger
Hank Barger Hank Barger from Houston, TX wrote on April 5, 2008
My dad, Lt. Henry Barger, skippered ST 715 (Gateville) in Southampton Harbor, England as part of the 340th Harbor Craft Company from 1944-1946. I have been researching his tug for a couple of years, and although I have been able to find much information on Navy tugs, I have found precious little on Army tugs. I would appreciate any sources of information you might be able to suggest.
Admin Reply:
Hank, I sent you an e-mail from Rodger
Jery Sears Jery Sears from Hemet, CAlifornia wrote on April 4, 2008
Roger; What a wonderful web Page. Hello to all ATF Sailors.
Admin Reply:
Jerry, Thanks for the compliment. The credit all goes to Tom Thomas, our NAFTS Webmaster and Secretary/Membership guy. Tom designed the site and maintains it.Please give him a "pat on the back" at, or call him toll-free at 866-652-2038. Rodger (
Steven B. Walton Steven B. Walton from Woodbridge, VA wrote on April 2, 2008
Served on USS Cahokia (ATA-186) 1967-1968 as the Ship's Medical Represenative, my first sea duty, made 1st class, lot of fond memories.
Admin Reply:
Steven, I sent you an E-mail about your Cahokia shipmates who belong to NAFTS.
Ralph Carpenter Ralph Carpenter from Safford, AZ wrote on March 29, 2008
To the Wardroom: I just found my spring issue of the Towline, and left the mail box thinking that the cover photo looked very much like a photo of mine taken of Moctobi at the Alpha Docks, Peal Harbor. Surprise,surprise. Thank you for the usage and attribution of it, Gentlemen! Ralph Carpenter USS Moctobi ATF-105 (64-67) Safford, AZ
Admin Reply:
Shipmate Ralph, Our thanks to you for contributing such a nice photo of the MOC. Rodger Dana NAFTS President
First time in the new guest book. Looking back I see a couple more guys from USS COCOPA ATF101. I was there after EMA school Feb 1965 till Sept. 1967. Went from EMFA to EM2. Transfered to USS MARS AFS1. Any guys from COCOPA please feel free to e mail me at THANKS FOR KEEPING UP THE WEBSITE. BOB
Admin Reply:
Bob, Hope you reveived my E-mail from
Jim Colon Jim Colon from Wauseon Ohio wrote on March 21, 2008
Just found the new web site real neat.
Admin Reply:
Jim, I hope you received my E-mail. Rodger(
George Grimes George Grimes from Brooklyn, NY wrote on March 20, 2008
I was on the Tawasa ATF 92 from 1965 to 1967. I was a Engineman striker working in the main engine room. They used to call me Irish or Brooklyn. We made an Adak Alaska cruse while I was abord. If anyone was abord during my time please write.....
Admin Reply:
Hope you received my e-mail, Rodger (
Robert Hansen Robert Hansen from Long Island, N.Y. wrote on March 19, 2008
Served aboard USS Seneca, ATF-91 1966-1967
Admin Reply:
Robert, I sent you an E-mail today(20 March) Rodger (
W>Wade Newsom W>Wade Newsom from VA wrote on March 16, 2008
On Board USS Mosopelea 1965 1968 USS Preserver 1968 1969
Admin Reply:
Wade, We are pleased to hear from member Winkowski that you have been "connected" Rodger Dana
Hollis Taylor Hollis Taylor from Tullahoma,Tn wrote on March 14, 2008
After boot camp I went aboard the USS Allegheny-ATA-179 for 3 months before going to guided missile school. Winter '56-'57. (seavey-shorvey? program). It was a most enjoyable experience. We were operating out of Brooklyn Navy Yard doing underwater research for Columbia Univ. made a couple of "Rum Runs" to Bermuda While aboard. Had it not been for the school-I would liked to have done my whole tour aboard her.
Admin Reply:
Hollis, Thanks for your entry in our new GUEST BOOK. NAFTS has 3 members who served on ATA 179, but none served the same time as you. If you would like to see a copy of our NAFTS members magazine, TOWLINE, please send your mailing address to me at your shipmate, Rodger Dana
Garland Summerall Garland Summerall from Chambersburg, Pa wrote on March 6, 2008
I am (USNRET). I have a OUR NAVY magasine July, 1971. It has the USS Cree (ATF- 84) as the ship of the month. I will donate to your association. I only ask that it be kept in the association and shared wiyh the crew of the Cree. My Pd # is 7172646013. Call or email me and I will send it to the association. Garland
Admin Reply:
ENC(Ret) Summerall, Thanks for sending the ATF 84 photo to NAFTS for our Historical collection. Rodger