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The NAFTS Guest Book is a place for sailors and families of sailors to ask questions or make comments about Fleet Tug sailors, ships, reunions or related topics.

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A. Peter Fiori ex -CMM, USN WW2 ATR-2 A. Peter Fiori ex -CMM, USN WW2 ATR-2 from Temecula, CA wrote on November 16, 2012:
November 16, 2012 To upgrade info on history on USS ATR-2. Tug was donated to the French about July 1944 and they promptly sunk it after stricking some submerged wreckage at Le Havre. Crew was transfered to London where I was upgraded to Chief Machinist Mate,USN as a result of becoming a "salvage diver" in Normandy. I wound up in charge of shore patrol, in London, night shift. From Peter Fiori, ""
Admin Reply:
Shipmate Fiori, Thanks for your input. We greatly appreciate hearing from our senior tuggers. We have two members who possibly served with you on ATR 2. Contact me if you have any questions Jim Maguire RM1 Peter P. Orlando Contact me if you have any questions Rodger Dana NAFTS Guestbook Monitor
William Carman William Carman from Richmond, VA wrote on November 11, 2012:
My first reunion brought back a flood of memories and renewals of comradery. Am planning for the Pensacola reunion in 2013. My girlfriend took some great pics with her ipad gadget. Makes it easier for my old eyes. Thanks for all the hard work and organizing of all the events.
Admin Reply:
William Carman, Thanks for the good words. I have passed your comments along to the 2012 reunion hosts, Shirley & Harry Jaeger. Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Leon Maierhafer Leon Maierhafer from Fremont, WI wrote on November 1, 2012:
Another great time at the NAFTS convention. Thanks to Shirley and Harry for all they did. No incidents with the limberger this year. I really enjoyed those young people with the violins. Also the USS Wisconsin. Good luck to our shipmate Hal as he recovers from his fall on the way home.
Admin Reply:
Leon, It was great seeing you again at the 2012 NAFTS reunion in Norfolk October 16-22. warm regards, Rodger Dana NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Keith Crout Keith Crout from Montour Falls New York wrote on October 31, 2012:
I served with Steve Buscher on the Safeguard ARS-25 I was on 1975-1979 would like to hear from other shipmates Keith Crout Montour Falls New York
Floyd Morehouse Floyd Morehouse from North Dakota wrote on October 19, 2012:
This is my second attempt to join. Both times as I try to pay I get a message page error. Thanks Floyd
Admin Reply:
Floyd, I sent you a NAFTS Membership E-mail, Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor
Frank Casano Frank Casano from New York wrote on October 1, 2012:
Hi, My father, David Casano, served on ATA-193 in 1945 I was hoping to learn more about his vessel and his crew Can you help? Thank you Frank Casano
Admin Reply:
Mr Casano, NAFTS doesn't have any members who served on ATA 193. For a history, go to: n_(ATA-193). For personnel records and deck logs,the National Archives are your best bet. Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Bruce Bowler Bruce Bowler from Boothbay, ME wrote on September 25, 2012:
Hi. Looking for info (like crew lists) for ATR32. I'm pretty sure that's the tug my Dad (David Bowler) was on and I'd like to verify it. Please contact me if you have any information.
Admin Reply:
NAFTS has no ATR 32 members. Sorry, Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor
Ronald A. Derr Ronald A. Derr from Seekonk, Ma. wrote on September 24, 2012:
Served as a LTJG aboard the USS NIPMUC FROM 1964 THROUGH 1966 BASED IN NEWPORT, R. I.
Admin Reply:
We hope you will join NAFTS Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor
Jim Barrere Jim Barrere from Nevada wrote on September 23, 2012:
Served ab oard the USS Mataco ATF-86 1963-1966
Admin Reply:
NAFTS has 4 members who served on MATACO 1963-66. If you wish to make contact, call our toll-free number and leave a message. sincerely, Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Terry Reed Terry Reed from Franklin N.C. wrote on September 14, 2012:
I was stationed on USS CHOWANOC (ATF 100) from 68-69. We made a tour to Vietnam during that period. I retired from the Navy in 1980
Admin Reply:
Thanks for your entry. I am a Chowanoc sailor!(56-58). I have sent you a NAFTS membership e-mail. Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Bob Raeseman Bob Raeseman from Jacksonville, Fl. wrote on September 2, 2012:
I served aboard the USS Preserver ARS-8 as a BM1 DV, We had a great crew when I was aboard. I left the ship in 1975 for Sat. training and went to the USS ORTOLAN ASR-22 [the old 22 maru] spent 2 tours on her. Retired in 1991 as a W-4.
Admin Reply:
Thanks for the information. NAFTS has members from Preserver & Ortolan. Would you like more information on NAFTS membership? If so, please ask Membership@NAFTS(dot)com . your shipmate, Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor
Donald W Brooks Donald W Brooks from Edinburgh, Indiana wrote on August 29, 2012:
I served on the USS COATOPA, YTM 382 Newport, RI from 1969-1971. Any others out there.
Admin Reply:
NAFTS has many YTB members, but none from Coatopa. Rodger Guestbook Monitor
bob cuthbert bob cuthbert from philadelphia, pa wrote on August 27, 2012:
My grandfather(Cecil Cuthbert) was the first CO of the USS Alsea. He served on board this boat from 1943 when it was first commissioned until 1945. He went on to command the USS Constellation which now sits in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. At the time the Constellation was used as and officer training vessel. Also, my father(Cecil as well) was engineering and supply officer on board the USS Accokeek until 1962 when he retired from the Navy.
Admin Reply:
Mr. Cuthbert, Thank you for the very interesting information concerning you grandfather and father and their Navy tug background. I will pass this information to the editor of our NAFTS quarterly, TOWLINE. sincerely, Rodger Guestbook Monitor
Michael Keen Michael Keen from southern New Jersey wrote on August 25, 2012:
I grew up working on my fathers tugs inland from philly to va. my father sold the tugs and closed up the business back in 1989 and I being young and stupid thought there would be time for us to start back up again, well long story short here we our 23 later and I have been exhausting every channel I can find trying to get back on a tugboat!!!
Nick Baldwin Nick Baldwin from Tallahassee wrote on August 18, 2012:
I need to contact your membership chairman about the passing of one of your members.
Admin Reply:
Nick, I sent you a NAFTS e-mail reply, Rodger Guestbook Monitor
Lesley Starr LeBlanc Lesley Starr LeBlanc from Baton Rouge, Louisiana wrote on August 11, 2012:
My father, Harry Easton Starr, Jr. served on the USS Takelma, ATF 113, during WWII. He used to attend reunions with his shipmates; however, he passed June 2, 2010. I am trying to establish a section at the New Orleans WWII museum to honor the Naval Salvagers who were with him. Currently they do not have a section for these heroes since there were so few and many have passed. If you are still out there or a family member is and can help me accumulate information on their time in Guadal Canel, South Pacific and the days following the bombing of Pearl Harbor - please help me.
Admin Reply:
You have taken on a rather large project. For starts, there are no WW2 Takelma shipmates in NAFTS membership. However,quite a few NAFTS members served on other ATFs in the Pacific in WW2. There is quite a bit of internet information about ATFs and ATF service in WW2. Also try the larger internet book sellers. The National Archives have ATF personnel rosters, but the home of record is not normally preserved. The NAFTS annual reunions usually have WW2 ATF crew attendees. This year is 17-20 October(2012) in Norfolk,VA. The 2013 reunion is possibly New Orleans. Thanks for asking. Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Orbin Banks Orbin Banks from Freeland,Mi wrote on August 8, 2012:
I served aboard the Shakori on the around the world cruise in 1965. The salvage ship USS Opportune was with us to tow two lift crafts to the Phillipines from Rosyth Scotland.
Admin Reply:
Orbin, I have replied to your entry via NAFTS e-mail. Rodger, GUESTBOOK Monitor
Sam Armstrong Sam Armstrong from Texas wrote on August 1, 2012:
My father served on the USS MUNSEE ATF-107 from 1960-1964 and was even at Christmas Island during Operation Dominic. If any of you served within that time frame please email me at
Bill Riley Bill Riley from New York wrote on July 29, 2012:
In your hats for sale dept Luiseno ATF 156 is misspelled!
Admin Reply:
I sent you an e-mail using NAFTS e-mail. Hope it works out for you. Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Patricia Ramsey Wisneski Patricia Ramsey Wisneski from New Jersey wrote on July 28, 2012:
Hopefully someone on your site can give me some information. My father was Charles"A" Ramsey, service #3505064. He served on the USS Naragannsett. To my best recollection he saw action in Sicily, Southern France & North Africa. His dates of service were 1941-46. Sory if this is vague but that's all I remember as I was a child when he related his stories about the "Nasty Narrita" . My email address is I would appreciate any information anyone can give me. Thanks for your service. Patricia Ramsey Wisneski
Admin Reply:
I sent you an e-mail using NAFTS e-mail. Hope it works out for you.
James Case James Case from Carson City, NV wrote on July 16, 2012:
Was and Engineman on the USS Mataco ATF 86 from April to December '73. Would like know if there are any of the crew still around during that time. She was a good ship.
Admin Reply:
James, I sent you an e-mail from NAFTS e-mail, Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Steve Buscher Steve Buscher from Kansas wrote on July 6, 2012:
Would like to hear from any shipmates 77-79
Admin Reply:
Thanks for your entry in the NAFTS GUESTBOOK Please furnish a ship name and hull number sincerely, Rodger NAFTS Guestbook Monitor
Rickey Giles Rickey Giles from Millry Al wrote on June 30, 2012:
Great site. My Great Uncle Jack Giles served on the USS Anchor in WW II. Visited him last week. Was following up on the info he gave me.
Admin Reply:
Thanks for the info on Jack Giles and the USS Anchor,ARS-13. Rodger, NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Joseph Brogan Joseph Brogan from Goshen. N Y wrote on June 8, 2012:
I just joined the NAFTS .I served on the Lipan ATF 85. 1969 had two trips to Alaska and to Midway. WAs en2 , hung out with Wally Rice. Hope to bE at the reunion in NorforkN
Admin Reply:
Welcome aboard. Your NAFTS member number is 2633 and will resolve on the NAFTS website members list soon. Rodger NAFTS Membership
Tom Welhouse Rm2 Tom Welhouse Rm2 from Green Bay, Wisconsin wrote on June 4, 2012:
I was aboard the USS Lipan ATF-85, in 1956 as a Radioman. During 1956 we participated in -Operation Redwing - the Thermonuclear Weapons Testing in the Marshall Islands. Great experience. Had a great crew aboard at the time. Just stopped by to say Hello to all the old Tuggers who still check in this site every now and then. Hope everyone is healthy and enjoying life.
Admin Reply:
Shipmate Tom, nice to hear from you. Regards to Carol. Rodger Dana GUESTBOOK Monitor
* * * Keyes * * * Keyes from colorao wrote on June 1, 2012:
Thanks for the info Rodger. Just for clarification, is he the only WWII Munsee survivor that belongs to NAFTS, or the only one, period? Love you website. Enjoy the comments and pictures. Thanks, * * * Keyes
Admin Reply:
I'm just referring to NAFTS members. Why don't you join NAFTS? You would enjoy our quarterly, TOWLINE. Its full of members war stories, rd Rodger Dana Membership Secretary
John Chaffey John Chaffey from Wyoming wrote on June 1, 2012:
Looking for anyone that served at Tug Ops Bangor Subase in the mid to late 80's. Tug boats that were there at that time were the YTB779, YTB764 and YTB761. Also look for Moe Desverges "Subase Bangor Shipmates" group on Facebook.
* * * Keyes * * * Keyes from Colorado wrote on May 27, 2012:
Was reading through the guestbook today and discovered a 2 year old post from John Ward, Jr. His father, John Ward, Sr., served on the USS Munsee during WWII. I found his name on the muster roll with my father, James C. Zahourek. Any other WWII/Munsee vets out there?
Admin Reply:
John Ward Sr is not a member of NAFTS. BM2 James C. Zahourek USN, is a member of NAFTS. He is the only WW2 MUNSEE member surviving. Hope this helps. Rodger, NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Robert Amess Robert Amess from Gr Britian North East of England wrote on May 24, 2012:
Hi my name is Robert i live in the north east of England i am looking for info on a tug that was built in the us. She was the usn batr 17 she was one of the tugs made avilable under the lend lease to the Royal navy as HMS Director, can enybody tell me what happend to her when she was returned in 1946 to USN MANY THANKS Robert
Admin Reply:
Mr Amess, Thanks for your interest. All I can find is this: ATR-17 (HMRT DIRECTOR) Completed 20 Dec 43 and trf. to UK under Lend Lease as His Majesty's Rescue Tug (HMRT) DIRECTOR. Returned to U.S. custody 23 Apr 46. Sold (awarded) by MC to Francisco Reich, New York, delivered 28 Jun 48. Good luck in your search. Rodger, NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
John Marhevko John Marhevko from Fla wrote on May 9, 2012:
Served on board USS Escape ARS-6 in 1962 SN San Juan PR was our home port.
Admin Reply:
NAFTS has Escape members, but none served in 1962. Thanks for your entry, Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Robert Wiech Robert Wiech from Lagrange Ohio wrote on May 6, 2012:
would like to see your web site
Admin Reply:
Our website is
Gary W Boyle Gary W Boyle from St pete, Fl wrote on May 6, 2012:
served aboard the uss escape ars-6 1969-1970.It was better than the rice pattys !!!!would like to hear from my fellow inmates.
Admin Reply:
Shipmate, NAFTS has 5 Escape ARS6 members, all served before 1966. Sorry, Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor
Allen R. Dahmer Allen R. Dahmer from Slidell,La wrote on May 4, 2012:
Rodger, My brother Robert e-mailed me Said you cashed his check but have not included him on membership list. Also,I sent you a check but membership status has not been up-dated. Allen
Admin Reply:
Membership list takes several weeks(or more) to resolve on NAFTS website. I have processed both of you officially. Website update is handled by another volunteer, regards, Rodger NAFTS Membership
Steve "Big Uss" Ussery Steve "Big Uss" Ussery from Wilmington, NC wrote on April 28, 2012:
There will be a Reunion between the Arikara People and the Arikara Sailors at their home in New Town, ND June 18-25th 2012. All former crew members are invited. Space is limited. Camping is encouraged. If you would like to be there please contact me ASAP. The Arikara's are rolling out the red carpet for us. We will be turning over many items for their Museum. Sail on...
Walter Kzinowek (Zip) Walter Kzinowek (Zip) from Port Huron, MI wrote on April 24, 2012:
I served aboard the USS Ponchatoula AO-148 and am trying to locate a old shipmate of mine that was transfered to the ATA-192 in the mid '50's. He as a SM-3 or 2 at that time. He was from Mt. Vernon, NY. I would appreciate it if anyone knows his whereabouts to let me know or send me contact information.
Admin Reply:
NAFTS has one remaining enlisted member from the 1950s. His name is Jack D. Marcum, 1951-53 Hope this helps, Rodger GUEST BOOK Monitor
Allen R. Dahmer Allen R. Dahmer from Slidell,La. wrote on March 26, 2012:
Rodger:Check is in the mail today for renewal/update of membership.Looking forward to Norfolk in Oct. Mailing a membership app to my brother in N.C.He was on ATA-187 with me. Can you mail him a copy of the last TOWLINE? Robert Dahmer P.O.Box 781 Walnut Cove,N.C. 27057 This should be what it takes to get him off the fence.LoL Allen#2593
Admin Reply:
Allen, Will send a TOWLINE to Robert, thanks for asking, Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
jennifer giles jennifer giles from arkansas wrote on March 21, 2012:
I am hoping that maybe there is someone here whom might have knoe m grandfather and have pictures. His name is Jack Giles and he was on the Anchor from 1943 to 1946, shortly left the ship in april of 46 for rehabilitation leave and reassignment, but i dont have information past that. If there is anyone that might have known him and or have a crew book that may have a photo please e mail me. I would so greatfully appreciate it. Thank you to all.
Admin Reply:
Jennifer, NAFTS had one member who served on the ARS 13, USS Anchor. He passed away in 2005. Sorry we can't help you. Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Webmaster Webmaster from Bend, Oregon wrote on March 20, 2012:
Testing Guestbook after server Migration.
Admin Reply:
Checks OK here on 20 March 2012, rd
Robert Wood Robert Wood from Missouri wrote on March 6, 2012:
RM3 and RM2. Aboard Tillmook ATA-192 part of 54 and 55.
Admin Reply:
Robert, I sent you a reply via NAFTS e-mail. Thanks for your entry, Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor
Jim Hatcher Jim Hatcher from Charleston SC wrote on March 3, 2012:
March 3, 2012 Hello and greeting to all. Alice P. Hatcher, my grandmother, christened the USS Arapaho, ATF-68, here in Charleston, SC, 1943. A few photographs, framed letters, a postcard from then the assistant undersecretary James Forrestal written in pencil to her; and an engraved Ship's Silver Plate presented to grandmother remain with the family here in Charleston. Six of her seven sons were serving active duty at the time of christening; the seventh had tried to join but failed the medical exam. 5 sons served in the Navy and one the Army. One son, a naval aviation repairman, was stationed on Ford Island December 7, 1941, was wounded and still able to help to fight the fires on his aircraft group. Three of her sons were awarded officer commissions during the war, 2 for the US Navy and one with the US Army. The army member was assigned to the British in 1940 and fought with them in North Africa in the earlier fights with their open-turret tank corp. Jim Hatcher, Charleston, SC
Admin Reply:
Jim, Thanks for your input, we appreciate it. We have 2 members who served aboard Arapaho in WW2. If your family ever wants to donate Arapaho items, like an invitation to the ship's launching/commissioning, please think of us. We have quite a few items in our keepsake collection. sincerely, Rodger GUEST BOOK Monitor
herbert moody herbert moody from va wrote on February 18, 2012:
my friend willie wells from stony creek va, would love to hear from any shipmates.he was on accokeek ata-181 in philly from may 59 to 1961.his no is434-246-6421
Admin Reply:
Herbert, I sent you a NAFTS e-mail about Mr Wells request. Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Sam Morton Prowting Sam Morton Prowting from Liverpool UK wrote on February 13, 2012:
Came across your site by chance may I take the oppertunity of expressing hearful thanks for renewing old memories.As you realise I am not a member but I did serve on the British rescue tug Empire Sandy from 1944 to 1945,then joined various other shipping companies in the UK ending up in the police service,I was only a fifteen year old lad when I ran away from home in Wales and managed to join Empire Sandy, they did not ask awkward question about your age on the Tugs and as a youngster I wanted to enlist. Apologies for intruding but I was thrilled in seeing your site. Kindest Regards Sam
Admin Reply:
Sam, Thank you for your kind words. I have forwarded your comments to the British Deep Sea Rescue Tugs Association, DSRTA (Don Graham in Cornwall). sincerely, Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
thomas carter thomas carter from hayden,al wrote on February 8, 2012:
I stumbled across your site and glad Idid.Iserved on USS PAIUTE ATF-159 from 68 to 69 as an EM/3
Admin Reply:
We are pleased that you like what you see at Members can search ships personnel lists and enjoy the quarterly TOWLINE magazine with its member-contributed stories. We charge $25/yr for membership. If you would like to see a sample, call-in your snail address and I'll mail some TOWLINE issues to you. sincerely, Rodger GUESTBOOK monitor 1-800-293-3687, option 73.
Albert Martinez Albert Martinez from San Antonio, Texas wrote on February 1, 2012:
Hi Capt. W. Nickelson, hope to see you and Michael Edwards at this year's (2012)reunion. I am looking foreward to being there . I served on the U S S Grasp ARS 24 from 1967 to 1969.
Admin Reply:
Shipmate Martinez, Both shipmates are listed in the NAFTS members database. You can use it to search for them on the GRASP page using your logon & password feature at By the way the skippers name is spelled Nicholson. warm regards, Rodger, Guestbook Monitor
Michael Steele Michael Steele from Williamstown Ma wrote on January 28, 2012:
Looking for info on the US NAVY TUG ATR 8, was my fathers (John D. STEELE)ship until 1946 . Anything would be helpful. IN 1946 or 47 ship had an 8ball on the stack. Thanks Michael Steele
Admin Reply:
US Navy Tug ATR 8 850ton 1944commissioned Disposed of 1946. You can try searching Colton website to see if you can track down the ATR 8 history after Navy disposed of her. regards, Rodger,GUESTBOOK monitor
dave nuttall dave nuttall from lehi utah wrote on January 13, 2012:
My dad was chief petty officer Richard David. Nuttall, the ships doctor, and was always referred to as "doc".in addition, he was the diver, and ran the decompression chamber,among other duties. We were stationed in Hawaii, and lived in the housing at the very end of pearl city pennisula from 1955 to 1961. I was. The oldest at the time, and rember when Hawaii was made the 49 th state, they had the sea planes always taking off just past where we lived. Within a few minutes walk I could go to this.little pier, and fish for crabs from the pilings, and straight across was ford island, and what W's left of the Arizona. There were still sunken ships, some upside down still. I remember hearing about the raising the midget sub, my dad being one of the divers. I remember going on the ship several times as a kid, and seeing the ship. Coming back from wespac cruises
Admin Reply:
Dave, Thanks for your input. We took great pleasure serving with shipmates such as your father. sincerely, Rodger NAFTS Secretary
Robert Gilliam Robert Gilliam from USS allegheny ATA-179 1965-1967 wrote on January 8, 2012:
Anybody out there from Allegheny 1965-1967 I still live in Brooklyn? GILLIAM
Admin Reply:
Thanks for the input. I have sent you a NAFTS e-mail with some Allegeny shipmate info. sincerely, Rodger GUESTBOOK MONITOR
Michael T. Denman Michael T. Denman from Mesa, Arizona wrote on December 14, 2011:
I served proudly as a BM3, aboard the USS Cree ATF84 from 1971 through 1975. During my tour of duty, and not unlike many of my fellow shipmates, I had the fortune of having many memorable experiences both good and less than good. However, every experience helped shape how I conduct my life to present day. And, I would never change any moment of my sailor's life. Finally, I would entertain communication with other Cree "Ready" shipmates who would like to share their memories.
Admin Reply:
Michael, I sent you a reply from Rodger, Guestbook Monitor
Dennis Pangburn #2353 Dennis Pangburn #2353 from Napa, CA wrote on December 12, 2011:
San francisco bay area news this morning; "old Navy tug sinks in Richmond harbor". This is one of the two ATFs moored at Richmond. The one sinking is the currently named "Tiger". I do not know what her commissioned name was. The news stories are available by GOOGLE search. Use the search words old navy tug sinks in Richmond, CA
Admin Reply:
Shipmate, Thanks for the input. According to the Contra Costa Times, ex-QUAPAW ATF 110 has gone down over the weekend. We will attempt to get details to publish in the next issue of TOWLINE. sadly, Rodger Dana Guestbook Monitor
Paul Coverdale Paul Coverdale from Danville, IN wrote on November 30, 2011:
Had a great time at the reunion in Hawaii. This was my first reunion but looking forward to many more. Thanks to everyone involved in making the HAWAII REUNION such a success. All your hard work is greatly appreciated.
Admin Reply:
Paul, It was great to see you in Hawaii. We hope to see you next October in Norfolk at the NAFTS 2012 reunion. warm regards, Rodger