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Michael Steele Michael Steele from Williamstown Ma. wrote on January 5, 2011:
Father was on ATR 8 WW11 Thanks!
Admin Reply:
Although NAFTS has many members who served on ATR vessels, no NAFTS members served on ATR 8 sorry, Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK monitor
Chris Howlett Chris Howlett from England wrote on January 4, 2011:
Dear Sir, I have just tried to e-mail the British DSRTA member via the e-mail address on your web site. Unfortunately my e-mail was rejected as 'unknown address'. Do you have a current address for the British Deep Sea Rescue Tug Association? The reason I am trying to contact them is that I am planning an archaeological survey of the remains of the Mulberry Harbours and I know that many of the items were towed to France by the Deep Sea Tugs and I thought they may be interested. As the US tugs also played a large part in towing the Mulberry harbour items from Britain to Normandy it is possible that some of your members may also be interested. If so I would be delighted to hear from them. Many thanks Chris Howlett
Admin Reply:
I sent you a e-mail. Rodger, NAFTS GUEST BOOK Monitor
Joan Gallucci Joan Gallucci from Pearl River, NY wrote on January 2, 2011:
I was looking for some information about the history of the USS Oscela and the USS Louisville, both of which my Grandfather served on in WWI. His name was P. Flori. Thank you.
Admin Reply:
Try a web search for USS Osceola. sincerely, Rodger, NAFTS Guest Book Monitor
michael melone michael melone from kentucky wrote on December 31, 2010:
i found your site looking for information about the ship my grandfather served on during world war II. his name is michael melone, he served aboard the yp515 (ex at22 tadousac)in the soloman islands at guadalcanal and throughout "the slot" and onto japan. just curious if anyone may have any additional information about his ship or what became of it post-war. thank you, michael melone III.
Admin Reply:
Michael,I can't find any reference info on type YP. You might find the vessels wartime logs at the National Archives. For more info on the National Archives, do a web search for it. sorry, Rodger Guest Book Monitor
robert rosenheim,jr robert rosenheim,jr from elizabeth city,nc wrote on December 19, 2010:
My father,Robert D. Rosenheim served on ATA182 from 10/44-1/46. He was a Bos`n aboard her. Was trying to find some information about his service during WW2. Great site!
Admin Reply:
Robert, We currently have no ATA 182 members.Copies of the ships logs can be obtained from the National Archives for a fee. Sorry we can't help you, your shipmate, Rodger Dana NAFTS Secretary
Bill Edes Bill Edes from Michigan wrote on December 18, 2010:
I served aboard the USS COCOPA ATF 101 from 1974 till 1978. I was an EN, we had some good men. We lost Mike Chamberlin a few months ago.
Admin Reply:
Shipmate Bill, NAFTS no COCOPA members who served after 1970. If you will send your snail-mail address to me at, I'll send you a copy of our NAFTS quarterly, TOWLINE. NAFTS has been a Veterans non-profit since 1989, with 1500 members nation-wide. Your shipmate, Rodger, NAFTS Secretary
Allen R. Dahmer Allen R. Dahmer from Slidell,La wrote on December 10, 2010:
Served as SM3,SM2,SM1 on USS Salish ATA 187 At New Orleans,La.(my hometown)then Mayport,Fl.Summer of 1958 to Dec1963.Retired May77 as SMC.Never seasick but what a ride.My younger brother(retired StewBurner)served with me. Would like to hear from former shipmates.
Admin Reply:
Thanks for your reply to my NAFTS e-mail. Rodger NAFTS Secretary
Bengt Vilhelm Fredriksson Bengt Vilhelm Fredriksson from Finland wrote on December 9, 2010:
Hello everybody! I am a happy owner of the former ST-480 tugboat since 2008.The name is now TOLVAN (twelwe in swedish) or the twelfth. Tolvan get her name already 1947. She was built in New York Brooklyn at the JK Welding shipyard in 1944. Restoration is what she need,anyway she is a pearl allready,whit the original main engine ATLAS IMPERIAL 6 HM 2124.,and many other things from that time. Whit my kindest regards Bengt.
Admin Reply:
Bengt, Thanks for your NAFTS GUESTBOOK entry about the former U S Army small tug(ST). Rodger, GUESTBOOK Maintainer.
boyd j newton boyd j newton from gilmanton ironworks nh 03837 wrote on December 8, 2010:
USS Kiowa A T F 72 from 1962 to 1963 USS Keywadin A T A 213 from 1966 to 1967 .I was one of the EN's. Boyd Newton
Admin Reply:
Shipmate Newton, NAFTS has one Kiowa shipmate from your time on board EN2 Herbert Weiskopf USN 1962 Active Kiowa (ATF 72) If you wish to contact him,please send an e-mail to I will help you get through our NAFTS members privacy firewall, sincerely, Rodger Dana NAFTS Secretary
John Yates John Yates from Olney, Illinois wrote on December 7, 2010:
1967 thru 1968 duty on USS Mataco ATF 86-ships office YN3. Had great duty, lots of fun & some rough times. Would like to hear from anyone who served with me.
Admin Reply:
Frank, I sent you a NAFTS e-mail about your father, a NAFTS member. Rodger, NAFTS Membership
frank newton frank newton from wheatfield Ind. wrote on December 7, 2010:
Dad served on USS Tawasa around 1956. Was part of operation Wigwam . Loved his service on the tug. Passed 11-13 08 .Son kinda keeping his thoughts alive
Admin Reply:
Frank, I sent you a NAFTS e-mail about your father, a NAFTS member. Rodger, NAFTS Membership
Tony henderson Tony henderson from Brigham city Utah wrote on November 27, 2010:
Served on uss cree 68 69 had too much fun,,find me on face book ...if your an old shipmate and would like to reconnect..
Admin Reply:
NAFTS has several members who served with you, including skipper Owens. RD2/DV James L. Richardson USN 1966-1968 Active 544 Cree (ATF 84) 1516 RMCS Dave Lutz USN 1968-1969 Active 544 Cree (ATF 84) 2175 E-3 Scott Leslie USN 1968-1970 Active 544 Cree (ATF 84) 863 LCDR Robert Owens USN 1968-1970 CO Active 544 Cree (ATF 84) 748 LTJG Robert G. Meckley USN 1969-1971 Active 544 Cree (ATF 84) If you desire contact, e-mail me at, Rodger NAFTS Secretary
judy skidmore-clouse judy skidmore-clouse from pittsburgh, pa. wrote on November 27, 2010:
My Uncle Robert Shrader born 04/26/1915 served on the USS Nauset in WWII which was bombed 09/09/1943 off the coast of Salerno , Italy ,he was considered MIA ,were there any survivors any recoveries, just would like to know. thank you!
Admin Reply:
Judy, Thanks for visiting the NAFTS GUESTBOOK. NAFTS has no NAUSET members. The only reference I can find is on the internet at SS-Nauset-AT-89. You might find some Nauset personnel listed in the National Archives from the logs of the USS Narragansett, AT-88, which was present when NAUSET sank. Sorry we can't help more, Rodger Dana NAFTS Secretary
Robert Gordon BM2 Robert Gordon BM2 from Madison Indiana wrote on November 26, 2010:
Would like to meet ship mates from U.S.S Moctobi ATF-105.From years 1975-1977. Please contact me at 502-662-0279 or
Admin Reply:
I have notified a NAFTS member who served with you on Moctobi. He may contact you. Please consider NAFTS membership. We have been around since 1989, hold annual reunions and publish TOWLINE. There are 1450 NAFTS members nation-wide. For a complimentary issue of TOWLINE, send request to (replace at with @) Did you know ex-Moctobi is moored at Richmond, CA ? Rodger
Steve Myers Steve Myers from Boise Idaho wrote on November 25, 2010:
I served on the Hombro YTM 769 as a FN/EN3 5/68 to 5/69 at DaNang Viet Nam and the on the USS Tawasa ATF 92 as a EN3/EN2 5/69 to 10/71. I would like to hear from anyone who was on the Tug when I was. I think this is a great web site.
Admin Reply:
I passed this on to RD3 Vern Irwin, Rodger Dana NAFTS Membership
Mike Walsh Mike Walsh from Haworth, NJ wrote on November 23, 2010:
Trying to get into membership for a Phone # of fellow Munsee Tugger - NO LUCK. Tried twice SNL. We lost one of our own this week end - need to let him know. Thanks.
Admin Reply:
Try the one you registered today, munseemike1 145valley Rodger, Membership Man
Gary Mailander Gary Mailander from Reno, NV wrote on November 21, 2010:
The USS Reno was torpedoed during November 1944 and was towed to Ulithi for temporary repairs by The USS Zuni . The Reno was subsequently towed to Manus Island for dry docking and arrived there about December 23, 1944. Would like to know if anyone knows what fleet tug towed the Reno to Manus.
Admin Reply:
There were quite a few ATFs and ATAs and ATRs and ATOs in that part of the world when Reno needed a tow to Manus. You might do an internet search using the word MANUS,and/or ULITHI Rodger(RKDana "at" @ in place of "at", defeats spammers.
leon maierhafer leon maierhafer from fremont,wi wrote on November 19, 2010:
Just saw Clark on the Oprah show. I'm gonna get me a kilt.
Admin Reply:
We did too, Rodger
Mike Baker Mike Baker from Gardiner, Maine wrote on November 11, 2010:
I was an RM3 on the USS Salinan form 1972 to the fall of 1974. While I was on the Salinan we made a North Atlantic Cruise where we towed a ship laying cable.(can't remember the name of the ship). The tow was a disaster, several men were injured and an officer committed suicide as a result. When we transfered the men to the cable layer the seas were rough and the Salinan broadsided the ship and opened a hole on the starboard side of the ship. Does anybody remember that cruise and if so do they remember the name of the officer who committed suicide?
Admin Reply:
NAFTS has one member who served with you on SALINAN, EMC Walter Ogletree USN. If you wish to contact him, please send an e-mail to your shipmate, Rodger, NAFTS Secretary/Membership
Tom Welhouse Tom Welhouse from Green Bay, Wisconsin wrote on November 1, 2010:
Hi tuggers, just stopped by for a quick visit. I was aboard the USS Lipan ATF-85 in 1956 as a RM2. Great bunch of guys aboard. Enjoyed my time aboard. Great website, keep up the great work. Stop by occasionaly just to ready the guestbook
Admin Reply:
Thanks for your entry, shipmate Rodger, NAFTS Membership Guy
FRANK J KELLY FRANK J KELLY from Ridge , New York wrote on October 24, 2010:
Served on USS Escape Oct 57 to Aug 59.
Admin Reply:
Do you remember LTjg James C. Gherardi USN 1956-1959 Escape (ARS 6) ?
Larry Raynor Larry Raynor from Queens, New York wrote on August 23, 2010:
If anyone served on USS Serrano, please contact me. I'm researching the ship, in order to build a scale replica for my father, Charlie. Please help out if you can.
Admin Reply:
USS Serrano, ATF 112, has the same exterior features as ATF 96 thru ATF 118. All ATFs hull number 66 thru 118 and 148 thru 165 have same hull dimensions. You should be able to find what you need on the internet as blueprints are usually for sale for the Serrano type. sincerely, R Dana NAFTS Secretary RKDana(at)
Joe Day Joe Day wrote on August 16, 2010:
My user name and password will not work. I am using the right ones but can not get in!
Admin Reply:
Joe Day, If you are NAFTS member 2257, please send an e-mail to me at Membership(at) @ symbol instead of (at). The e-mail address you used to make this GUEST BOOK entry is not the same as listed in the NAFTS members database. Soon as I identify you, I can send your log-on & password to you via e-mail. your shipmate, Rodger Dana NAFTS Membership Secretary _____________________________ ____
Richard Fine Richard Fine from Blue Springs MO wrote on August 6, 2010:
Howdy Shipmates Was on USS ABNAKI 67-70 and USS GRASP ARS-24(the origenal) 72-74. Both great duty! Like to hear from my shipmates.
Admin Reply:
Shipmate Richard, Nice to hear from you. Hope you get some response. Rodger Dana _____________
Kwanghoon Seok Kwanghoon Seok from South Korea wrote on August 2, 2010:
I'd like learn about naval accidents.
Admin Reply:
Kwanghoon Seok, Dear Mr Kwanghoon Seok, This is not a good place to learn about naval accidents.If you have a specific accident, we might be able to help you. Your interest is appreciated. sincerely, Rodger ________________________________ _______________________
Walter Stillwaggon Walter Stillwaggon from Long Island New York wrote on August 2, 2010:
My Dad also Walter Stillwaggon (Red) was a Captain on tugs in New York Harbor. Served in Greenland on a tug during WW2 is there anyone who served with him that could share any memories. Dad died in 1969
Admin Reply:
Walter Stillwaggon, I sent you a NAFTS E-mail with questions, RK Dana
Morris G. Underwood Morris G. Underwood from Topeka, KS wrote on July 13, 2010:
Hello, just passing through and found the site interesting. I served on the USS Sarsi from 1944-1945 as a Radar Operator. After leaving the service, I worked as a carpenter for 10 years, along with many other trades. I became employed as a Federal Meat Inspector for 25 years and retired from the USDA in 1979. I've enjoyed doing many things, including woodworking, car repair, remodeling, and etc. I married 9/14/1941, and we'll be celebrating 69 years this September. My wife and I had two children, a son and daughter. Feel free to contact me...I'd enjoy visiting with anyone. Thank you for all you and other's have done regarding the NAFTS.
Admin Reply:
Morris, Your courtesy issue of NAFTS TOWLINE is on the way to you, Rodger
Joe Shook Joe Shook from Myrtle Beach S.C. wrote on July 11, 2010:
I served aboard the USS Kiowa ATF-72 form '69 till '70 as a radioman. Does anyone remember our visit from the USS Waldron (DD-699) off the coast of N.C.? Service squadron sailors--the real Navy! I can still hear the shells,meant for the sleds,going over the ship.
Admin Reply:
Joe, I passed your request on to SK2 Stephen P. Armitstead, Kiowa 1968-71 to see if he wanted to answer you, Rodger
Barbara Bonar-Goins Barbara Bonar-Goins from Buffalo, NY wrote on July 8, 2010:
Dear Sir: I stumbled upon your Spring 2010 Towline Newsletter while doing some research on my fathers service in the Navy during WWII. I delight to see the article about he USS Sonoma. My father, Wayne Bonar, was aboard the tug when it was hit by the Japanese aircraft. He was a machinist mate and was below decks at the time of the attack. He has told me the story of his escape through the ship's shafts to the upper decks and into the water. (By the way, he is alive and well and just turned 86 on June 10th) He went on to serve on the USS Don O Woods until the end of the war and was recalled during Korea and served aboard the USS Cross. We were surprised to see that the Sonoma was the first ship to be hit by a kamakazie as I have read that an Austrailian ship was the first. At any rate I will be printing the article to send to my dad in Michigan. Thank you !
Admin Reply:
Many thanks for your entry in our NAFTS GUEST Book. We had a Sonoma member until November 2002 He is now deceased. His name is MMCM William Reed USN. William served on SONOMA from 1941-44.
Admin Reply:
Richard, Thanks for the additional information on YTB 410, Rodger
jeff darling jeff darling from lynn,ma wrote on June 13, 2010:
just wanted to say hi to all you tuggers.i served on board the USS UTINA ATF-163 from july 66-july 68.i have been in contact with PETE RYDER and CHARLIE PENDLETON my old shipmates.would love to hear from others. jeff
Admin Reply:
Richard, Can you furnish more details? When & where did this happen? Rodger RKDana at replace at with @ sign)
John Ward, Jr. John Ward, Jr. from Cookeville, TN wrote on May 29, 2010:
My father, John Ward, served aboard the USS Munsee-ATF107-during the Second World War. He served from Jan 1942 until the end of the war. He is alive and doing very well in Tulsa, OK. For years I have been trying to locate any of his old shipmates or John Pingley the ships Commander. For years he did not talk much about his experiences in the Navy, but during the last several years he speaks with great reverence about his time aboard the Munsee and the great Commander and Crew he served with. If anyone can help me locate any of his shipmates or any type of reunion please contact me. John Ward US Army Retired 931 510 3110
Admin Reply:
John, I sent you an answer from NAFTS Membership e-mail, Rodger
L. Killen L. Killen from Columbia, MD (USS Jamestown AGTR-3) wrote on May 25, 2010:
Rodger - I'm trying to locate info on a harbor tug,(ETAWENA) that operated out of Mayport, FL in the early 1960's. I am not having much luck going through USN websites so I thought if anyone would know, it'd be you. I have an old sailor (EN3) here that I'd like to surprise with a photo and maybe a model of the tug. Many thanks! L. Killen
Admin Reply:
Look on the internet for YTB 543, Rodger
Dudley Thomas Dudley Thomas wrote on May 23, 2010:
I was stationed aboard the U.S.S. Hitchiti ATF 103 from Sept. 1959 to Dec. 1962. I went aboard as an ICFN right out of IC and MPO schools. I was discharged as an ICE5. I thought then and still do think it was the best possible duty in the Navy. As the only IC rate on board, there was nowhere else to look if something I was responsible for went wrong. I worked under the EM E6 and with the EM's most of the time, again, great training. During my time aboard, we made 2 WESPAC cruises, Hong Kong, Phillipines, Okinawa, Formosa (Taiwan), Panama, Mexico, and SAR duty in Alaska. In addition to towing targets for all kinds of ships and aircraft.
Admin Reply:
Dudley, Thanks for your entry in our NAFTS GUESTBOOK. NAFTS has quite a few Hitchiti shipmate members,including HM1 Joseph Boczek USN 1957-1960 Active Hitchiti (ATF 103) 2091 PN2 George H. Duckwall USN 1957-1960 Active Hitchiti (ATF 103) 2258 ENC Fred M. Miller USN 1957-1960 ENFA-EN2 Active Hitchiti (ATF 103) 2497 LT Richard J. Simonds USN 1957-1960 XO Active Hitchiti (ATF 103) 312 CDR George W. DuCharme USN(ret) 1958-1960 CO Deceased Hitchiti (ATF 103) 2374 RM3 William Eagleton USN 1958-1960 Active Hitchiti (ATF 103) 1930 Donald Wilfred Derise USN 1958-1961 Active Hitchiti (ATF 103) 2055 EN3 Gerald (Jerry) W. Ring USN 1958-1961 Active Hitchiti (ATF 103) 2209 ENCS Clarence D. (Dave) Galik USN 1958-1965 Active Hitchiti (ATF 103) 2171 EN3 William Moring USN 1960-1964 Active 544 Hitchiti (ATF 103) 1812 QM2 Thomas D.(Buddy) Bolton USN 1961-1964 Active 544 Hitchiti (ATF 103) 1918 SN Pedro Cardoza USN 1961-1964 Active 544 Hitchiti (ATF 103) 2069 EN2 Alvin Johnson USN 1961-1964 Active 544 Hitchiti (ATF 103) 2520 CS3 Richard Amundson USN 1962-1965 Active Hitchiti (ATF 103) 2095 RM2 Victor J. Krause USN 1962-1965 Active Hitchiti (ATF 103) 1864 LCDR Raymond J. Zogg USN 1962-1965 1st Lt/ XO Active 544 Hitchiti (ATF 103) 1969 SK2 James (Jim) Burton USN 1962-1966 Active 544 Hitchiti (ATF 103) If you have any interest in contacting any of these shipmates, please contact me at at with @)your shipmate Rodger.
Richard Zent Richard Zent from Chowanoc wrote on May 4, 2010:
Back in 1943, there were 10-12 of us PO's transferred from the USS Bowditch to new construction on the East Coast. At least half of us were going ATF's. I wonder if any made it to NAFTS. One of them was a CM2/ who I last saw at the receiving station in Charleston SC. I remembered him telling me that everytime our old ship which was 10M tons hauled anchor he would get seasick and he wondered how he would make out on a fleet tug. Glad to see we are back on line
Admin Reply:
Richard, Good to see my Chowanoc plank owner friend is monitoring the GUESTBOOK. I now have the Officers & enlisted roster for USS Chowanoc when she was commissioned. Are you interested in a copy? Rodger Dana
Webmaster Webmaster from Bend, Oregon wrote on May 3, 2010:
Apoligize for the site being down for most of the weekend. It was server problems and out of our control. Note that the guest book has been updated to a new version. The Spammers were catching up to the old one. Enjoy
CHUCK MYERS CHUCK MYERS from CALIFORNIA wrote on March 7, 2010:
Admin Reply:
Chuck, I sent you a e-mail, your shipmate, Rodger
CLYDE WILCOX CLYDE WILCOX from EAGAN MN wrote on March 6, 2010:
Admin Reply:
Hey, Clyde Thanks for the visit to the NAFTS Guest Book, your shipmate, Rodger Dana
Jill Jill from Michigan wrote on February 28, 2010:
My dad served on the USS ATR 77 in World War II from April til July of 1946. Are there any shipmates out there, we have pictures he took while on board.
Admin Reply:
Jill, NAFTS has quite a few ATR shipmate members, but none from ATR 77. We do have some ATR photos on our website, and would gladly post your photos in our ATR photos section. We will scan & return your photos if you wish. Please contact me at sincerely, Rodger
Dean Gould Dean Gould wrote on February 24, 2010:
.ROGER,I recieved your MAIL.My address is 2938 center pt. rd.N.E. cedar rapids IA. 52402
Admin Reply:
OK, Rodger
Dean Gould Dean Gould from Cedar Rapids IA wrote on February 23, 2010:
roger do you have a mr. pete listed on the molala atf 106 in 1964?
Admin Reply:
Dean, I sent you reply via NAFTS mail, Rodger
Larry Schaufert Larry Schaufert from Cincinnati OH wrote on February 20, 2010:
I just found this site and am looking for some of my old tug mates I served on the YTB 779 Manhatten from 2/66-9/67. I would enjoy hearing from anybody who served on the 779
Admin Reply:
Larry, I sent you an e-mail from mail, Rodger
john quigley john quigley from Australia wrote on February 18, 2010:
G'day Roger Thanks for trying to reply to my request but I did not receive you email. Could you try again. Many thanks. jq
Admin Reply:
JQ, My e-mail to you is rejected by your server. Pls send a message to RKDana at, Rodger ___________________________________________________
Bill Evans Bill Evans from Fort Wayne wrote on February 16, 2010:
Was aboard the USS Munsee ATF107 1960-1961 road her to WESPAC before being transfered to USS Surfbird ADG383. It would be good to hear from anyone who served at the same time....Bruce Pease are you out there? Thanks for a great web site.
Admin Reply:
Bill, I sent you an e-mail from NAFTS mail, Rodger
James Adkins James Adkins from Melbourne Fl wrote on February 11, 2010:
Served on U.S.S.Tawakoni ATF-114 1972 to 1975
Admin Reply:
I sent you an e-mail from me at, Rodger
charlie pendleton charlie pendleton from tega cay south carolina wrote on February 11, 2010:
I have just joined NAFTS and with the help of RODGER DANA I have already been in contact with two of my old shipmates. It has been forty two years since I saw any of my shipmates. I hope to find many more through NAFTS. Thanks for such a good and efficient organization. CHARLIE PENDLETON
Admin Reply:
Charlie, That's great! Let me know if you need anything, Rodger
Joe Spataro Joe Spataro from Las Vegas, Nevada wrote on February 3, 2010:
Served on board YTM-370 Subic Bay, PI in 1968.
Admin Reply:
Sorry, NAFTS has no YTM 370 members,thanks for your entry. Rodger (RKDana at
john quigley john quigley from australia wrote on February 2, 2010:
G'day All I am looking for information on a Chrysler twin tug that was used during WW2. I have been trying to track it down for many years. How can I post a picture of on this web site? I have an assembly manual in PDF and the original is in The Australian Maritime Museum which was donated by a good friend of mine. His father was in WW2 but the family did not know if this manual until after he died. I hope some one can help Cheers John Quigley
Admin Reply:
John, I sent you a NAFTS E-mail,offering to help. Rodger __________________
Dean Gould Dean Gould wrote on February 1, 2010:
Looking for Hap Haris .Served on Moloala 1963.Iwas a enginman 3rd at the time She was a good ship and crew
Admin Reply:
Dean, NAFTS doesn't have a Haris(or Harriss) listed for Molala. We don't have any Molala members listed for 1963. If you know the exact spelling of his name, try looking for him at , Rodger, NAFTS Membership ________________________________________________