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The NAFTS Guest Book is a place for sailors and families of sailors to ask questions or make comments about Fleet Tug sailors, ships, reunions or related topics.

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Albert Martinez Albert Martinez from San Antonio, Texas wrote on January 30, 2010:
I am proud to have served on The original U S S Grasp ARS 24, from 1967 to 1969. I am glade to say that I am still in contact with my Capt. and XO.. Wish I could find some more shipmates. Would Like to hear from Jackson..Are you out there ?
Admin Reply:
Here are your shipmates who belong to NAFTS LTJG Greg Thompson USN 1966-1969 Supply,Comm,Ops DV Active Grasp (ARS 24) SN Albert Martinez USN 1967-1969 Active Grasp (ARS 24) LCDR Walker (Nick) Nicholson USN 1967-1969 CO Active 544 Grasp (ARS 24) LT(LDO) Duane Tucker USN 1967-1969 XO Active Grasp (ARS 24) Let me know if I can help more, Rodger RKDana(at)
Kathy Kindle Kathy Kindle from Middleport, NY wrote on January 29, 2010:
Very nice site for tug sailors to reunite. I am an army veteran trying assist a Navy tug veteran veteran friend who served on the U.S.S. A.T.R. 8 which was in New York in Feb of 1947. He showed me a photo of their crew taken February 21, 1947. He would be interested in hearing from anyone who was also assigned to that crew then or relatives of them. Enjoyed looking through all the memories and comments.
Admin Reply:
Kathy, I sent you an answer via NAFTS e-mail, Rodger
Peter Rebmann Peter Rebmann from Originally Conn. Now Florida wrote on January 25, 2010:
My father Raymond O. Rebmann served on the harbor tug YTL 312 in the South Pacific from September to December 1945. From about mid-October until December he was effectively in charge of the tug. I found a comment from Fred Reep in an email thread that gave some information about YTL 312 and I was wondering if he could supply more details about it. I believe Mr. Reep is a member of your organization. Thanks Peter Rebmann Gainesville, Fl.
Admin Reply:
Peter, I sent you a NAFTS e-mail about Fred Reep, Rodger ______________________________________________
JEFF BARRETT JEFF BARRETT from AZ wrote on January 23, 2010:
ARMY'S LT454 68/69 CREW.
Admin Reply:
Jeff, I sent you a NAFTS e-mail, Rodger
Dean Gould Dean Gould from Cedar Rapids Ia wrote on January 21, 2010:
Served 1963 t1965 Great Ship and Crew of the Molola Atf 106 cg
Admin Reply:
Dean, I have some answers for you, but your E-address bounces.Please make a new entry in this GUEST BOOK, Rodger, NAFTS Secretary
James (Jim) Covey James (Jim) Covey from Fort Scott, Kansas wrote on January 20, 2010:
I was a radioman aboard the USS Escape ARS-6 from late 1968 to Dec. 1971. Just interested in trying to find any old shipmates from that era.
Admin Reply:
James, I sent you an e-mail message from Rodger
Randy Jones Randy Jones from Chesapeake, AV wrote on January 19, 2010:
My father, CDR Jerry Jones (RET) was the skipper of MAHOPAC in the mid 60's. While searching the web for some pictures of the ship's he served on for a collage, I came across a picture from the bridge of MOHOPAC in the Me Kong Delta (circa 1965/66). Unfortunately, I can no longer find the site. I do remember that it had a number of pages of pictures, and I believe it was set up by Ron Smith. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Admin Reply:
I sent you the info using e-mail, Rodger ____
Michael A. Iwick Michael A. Iwick from West Dundee, Il. wrote on January 17, 2010:
Hello fellow Tuggers. I've been aware of this site for several years now, and finally feel compelled to join-in. Thanks for being here. I served aboard the USS Molala (ATF-106) in 1977-78. I was one of her decommissioning crew that also took her on her last West-Pac, Equator crossing and two TTPI's (remember them???). Watch for a new (second) version of the Mighty MO's ships patch.
Admin Reply:
Mike, Thanks for the Molala Patch photo, Rodger
Rick Delmonico Rick Delmonico from Minnesota wrote on January 15, 2010:
Tawakoni TF114 Joe Wasco, I served as an FN snipe 68 & 69. Remember Mike Tenneson engine man, Sledge who smoked those green cigars and Dunbar the launderer, also ski the deck mate? Our Captain was Ray Mulhen....Remember "Domain Of The Golden Dragon" International Dateline crossing.
Admin Reply:
Rick, I forwarded your message to Joe Wasco, Rodger
Jerry St.Hilaire Jerry St.Hilaire from Phoenix, AZ wrote on January 12, 2010:
great site I served in San Diego service craft craft electrician 1968 - 1970 EMFA - EM2 YTM 405 YTM 772 YTM 374 Jerry St.Hilaire CPO USNR-ret
Admin Reply:
Chief, I sent you an e-mail from NAFTS, Rodger
Jim Robison Jim Robison from Newnan, GA wrote on January 11, 2010:
My Dad served in Hawaii around 1945. He served on a Tug which was converted from a PT boat. He served in the Army and was on loan to the Navy as a diesel mechanic. At one time the tug was used a R&R vessel for Generals, high ranking Officers, etc. If anyone has any information on this please let me know. This is the information I have please forgive me for any inaccuracies and improper use of terms.
Korrie Everett Korrie Everett from Texas wrote on January 8, 2010:
My Grandfather served on the USS Sabeata, YTB 287 from 1944 to 1946. He rode out the Typhoon under Admiral Halsey's command. My dad and I would LOVE to hear from anyone who was on the ship with him- Irl V. Everett Jr. Or anyone who remembers him.
Admin Reply:
Korrie, I sent you a reply from, Rodger ______________________
Benjamin Keen Benjamin Keen from Grand Rapids,Minnesota wrote on January 4, 2010:
USS Chowanoc "71 to 74"
Admin Reply:
Ben, Thanks for checking in to our site, Rodger
RICHARD FINE EN2 RICHARD FINE EN2 from BLUE SPRINGS MO. wrote on January 3, 2010:
Served aboard , ABNAKI(ATF-96) 1967-1970,GRASP(ARS-24) 1972-1974.Both great duty.
Admin Reply:
Thanks for your prompt reply. Your sample TOWLINE issue will be sent to you in a few weeks, Rodger ________________
Larry Bennett Larry Bennett from San Antonio, TX wrote on January 2, 2010:
I served on USS PRESEVER ARS 8 1966 till 1968. Are there ever any reunions for PRESEVER.
Admin Reply:
Larry, I sent you an e-mail from NAFTS, Rodger ___________________________________________
Jim McDougal Jim McDougal from California wrote on January 1, 2010:
My dad was on the ATR-34 at the end of WW II. He was a GMG3. He was talking about his time on the tug and taking care of the 3" 50 on the bow so I thought I would look up some info. The site I found led me here. My dad is Harley "Mac" McDougal. He is 81 years old and has some short term memory problems, but he enjoyed talking about the old times when I saw him this past Christmas (09). He says he was based in Japan just after the war and remembers the big typhoon at that time. He also mentioned having to go out into the harbor and bring the battleship Nagato back around when she got out of position, there being too few mooring buoys to tie all the ships up properly. He spoke of being based at "Yokasuka" but I don't know if that was at the same time and place as the Nagato. ATR-34 was decommissioned in 1946 and my dad was on the decommissioning crew. He was discharged at Memphis TN July 3, 1946 and married my mom nine days later. By the way, if you did the math, he lied about his age to join the navy. When they figured it out, they offered to discharge him and he chose to stay in. Just thought I would share a little history and wondered if there were some old veterans out there who might have been on the same ship. I tell my dad how proud I am of him, but he just waves it off. We're proud of all you veterans. Jim McDougal
Admin Reply:
I sent you an e-mail from NAFTS, RKDana
Richard Ingraham BM3 Richard Ingraham BM3 from W.Va. wrote on December 31, 2009:
This keeps getting better avery time I get on it to see what you guys have done.I would like to wish all of you a very happy new year!!!!
Admin Reply:
Richard, Nice to hear from you. I sent you a NAFTS e-mail, Rodger
timothy sutton timothy sutton from flint, MI wrote on December 29, 2009:
Stumbled accross your web site after seeing a bumper sticker on a truck ahead of me during the commute home from work. After browsing the site I have to ask.... can I get a bumper sticker? I have never served in the military, I hold high reguards for those who have. Thanks in advance, Tim Sutton
Admin Reply:
Tim, I sent you an e-mail message from me at NAFTS, Rodger ________________________________________________
CWO3 Bill Hodges CWO3 Bill Hodges from Norristown, PA wrote on December 26, 2009:
I am looking for any USS TAMAQUA (YTB 797) Sailors from 1983 to 1984. At the time I was an EMFA.
Admin Reply:
Bill, I sent you a NAFTS e-mail, Rodger ____________________________
Skip Hawkins Skip Hawkins from Atlanta, GA wrote on December 25, 2009:
Stumbled on this site looking for some intel on USS Takelma ATF113 to share with my grown sons. Served aboard her '75-'79 in Pearl, San Diego and, as we all know, one of those wonderful WestPac cruises. In touch with several shipmates, and we have threatened to work on a reunion. NAFTS looks like a great way to find and reconnect on a much bigger scale. Would love to hear from any Takelma shipmates that may already be members!
Admin Reply:
Skip, I sent you a NAFTS e-mail, Rodger
John Watkins John Watkins from Asheville, N.C. wrote on December 17, 2009:
Hi Rodger I enjoyed going thrue the list of fleet tug sailors. Merry Xmas, and god bless all of you.If you served on one of these tugs you are alll special.
Admin Reply:
John, Thanks. I sent you an E-mail, Rodger _____________________________________
Robert Englund Robert Englund from Roanoke Va wrote on December 12, 2009:
Looking for anyone who was on the Hopi ATF71 during Operation Mariner Sept 53 in the north Atlantic when she came along side my ship the USS Caloosahatchee AO 98 for fuel and ended up hitting us. We were also hit by a DD in the fan tail. I think the Hopi lost its port anchor and some railing. Please e-mail me at ๐Ÿ™‚
Admin Reply:
Robert, I sent you an e-mail from RDana@NAFTScom, Rodger
Richard D Zent Richard D Zent from USS CHOWANOC ATF 100 wrote on November 22, 2009:
It was a GREAT REUNION. Hats off to the committee and officers. My only regrets were that Edna was unable to attend and that Rodger did not find us sooner. This was my 4th and I am looking forward to my 5th. Thanks again for providing us such a grand time.
Admin Reply:
Richard, Thanks for the note. It was great to see you again, we hope Edna will be able to travel with you to the next reunion, Rodger
Kathryn Midkiff Kathryn Midkiff from Midland, Texas wrote on November 21, 2009:
Las Vegas reunion was very good. This was my first reunion. Attended with my dad, Don Morris/Zuni.
Admin Reply:
Kathryn, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
David Herndon David Herndon from Vista, CA wrote on November 21, 2009:
Any shipmates around that was on USS Tawasa ATF-92 during the Westpac cruise 68, specifically 3 June when we diverted to tow the aft end of the Frank E. Evans DD 754 after collision with HMAS Melbourne to Subic Bay.
Admin Reply:
Dave, I have sent you a new e-mail from giving you a shipmate contact. regards, Rodger
tony calvert. tony calvert. from england. wrote on November 18, 2009:
thames tugs recomended this site to me, i am looking for any imformation , about h m s nimble,w 1 2 3, for a former crew member,any record would be very welcome. regards tony calvert.
Admin Reply:
Tony, Thanks for asking. I have sent you an e-mail from , Rodger ___________________________________
jeff darling jeff darling from lynn,ma wrote on November 7, 2009:
just wanted to wish all my fellow tuggers a happy thanksgiving.hope you all have a great time in vegas.wish i was going.not in the cards this year.had a great time in providence. jeff uss utina atf-163
Admin Reply:
Hey, Jeff Nice to hear from you. I sent you an e-mail from Rodger _______________
Richard Rogalewski Richard Rogalewski from United Kingdom wrote on November 4, 2009:
It is with sadness that just a few moments ago I learned the passing of Theodore C. Mason, WW2 crewman of the USS Pawnee and a writer of his wartime experiences. I've read two of the three books, ("Battleship Sailor" & "We Will Stand By You&quot and besides finding his story a good read, Mr Mason came across to me as a down-to-earth, fair-minded, very decent kind of guy of strong opinions. May he rest in peace. Mr Mason's books have, in a their way, brought out of some obscurity, perhaps, the important and interesting world of salvage operations. I wonder if the "Liverpool bridle" is still employed. :c) I liked the ending of one book where Mr Mason says of his work: "It is better to save than destroy". Anyhow, keep up the good work. :c) I wonder what happened to Yvonne Leckie. P.S. I served in the Royal Navy.
Admin Reply:
Thanks for visiting our NAFTS website and GUEST BOOK. I have sent you an e-mail from Rodger ____________________
John E Walsh John E Walsh from DALY CITY, CALIF. wrote on November 3, 2009:
I John E. Walsh was a GMG-2 served on the U.S.S.Conserver ARS-39. U.S.S.Deliver ARS23. U.S.S.Grapple ARS-7. and the Fleet Tug U.S.S. Hitchti ATF-103. Between the year 1961 and 1967. All ships was at Pearl Harbor, HI.
Admin Reply:
John, Nice to hear from you. Are you going to join your NAFTS Shipmates at Las Vegas Nov 16-20?? your shipmate, Rodger (
Bob Mulligan Bob Mulligan from Massachusetts wrote on November 2, 2009:
I served aboard the Shakori ATF-162 from 1965-1966 before discharge in Subis Bay Phillipines,looking for crewmates at that time,especially carman.Best Tug I was ever on,the Muggs, deck hand. Towing a salvage liftcraft (barge) from Scotland to Vietnam.I have tried for years to catch up with some of the crew,so if any of you guys know me,get in touch,Bob from Boston.
Admin Reply:
Bob, I sent you a message from, Rodger
ron " reejay " rejician ron " reejay " rejician from center valley pa wrote on October 23, 2009:
haven't been to site for a while. it's great was on ute - atf-76 @59-62 am i cuurent on dues???
Admin Reply:
Ron, I sent you an E-mail from Rodger
D Hertzog D Hertzog wrote on October 19, 2009:
Served aboard the USS Paiute (ATF-159) Mayport FL 1962-1963 as a PN3 in the Ship's office. The Paiute was the only ATF between Mayport, Key West and Panama (another homeport of the Paiute) so we were kept busy with towing to Gytmo and all the target towing for the greyhounds out of Mayport, etc. Many many stories are with this ATF! Glad I came across your site!
Admin Reply:
Shipmate Hertzog, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Robert Greene Robert Greene from Oklahoma wrote on October 18, 2009:
I was stationed on board the USS Quapaw ATF 110 in 1967-1968 . Then I transfered in 1968-1969 to NSA Danang,Vietnam. I enjoyed my time in the U.S. Navy.
Admin Reply:
Robert, I sent you an e-mail from , Rpdger
A.M. "Smokey" Robertson A.M. "Smokey" Robertson from Alabama wrote on October 16, 2009:
I just found this site ,it is great. It thrilled me to see CHOWANOC ATF 100. Jest the name does something for me. I was a plank owner put her in commision. Served 43 To46 GM 2nd.
Admin Reply:
Hey, Smokey! I knew you would find it someday, Rodger
Gordon Masse Gordon Masse from USS Moctobi, ATF-105 '64-'66 wrote on October 15, 2009:
Many Moctobi pictures are scattered throughout my PBase Photo Galleries. I can't enter a URL here in standard format so.... go to www dot pbase dot com/canonball and browse the galleries for lots of pix of my Navy days and the Moctobi. Regards, Gordon
Admin Reply:
Gordon, Thanks a bunch, Rodger
Frank Lydell Frank Lydell from Rockford Mi wrote on October 15, 2009:
Hi, i served onboard the USS Seneca ATF 91 from 1959 / 1963. I just found this site and wanted say hi fellow shipmates
Admin Reply:
Frank, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger _______________________________________________
Sheridan T. Collins Sheridan T. Collins from Arkansas wrote on October 3, 2009:
I was aboard the USS Reclaimer ARS-42 from 1968-1970. We had two west-pacs while I was there. Would like to hear from any of the guys that were aboard and would also like to know who is coming to the Las Vegas reunion. Anyone out there?
Admin Reply:
Sheridan, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Bernard F. Rash Bernard F. Rash from Hawaii wrote on September 12, 2009:
Aloha, I reported aboard my first ship the USS Cocopa (ATF-101) the 4th of July 1960. I was a new Ensign just out of the NROTC program at the University of Idaho. The Cocopa was then homeported at Pearl Harbor. After a Westpac tour and a few other assignments the Cocopa received orders to change homeport to San Diego. I transferred from the ship in Dec 1961. Would like to extend a fond aloha to all the crew.
Admin Reply:
Bernard, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
jerry orfano jerry orfano from bklyn New york wrote on September 6, 2009:
Great site I am building a 1/48 scale atf and the site gave me alot of info
Admin Reply:
Glad we could help. When you complete the model ATF, please send a photo of it to us, Rodger NAFTS President
Troy "Andy" Dodson EM3 Troy "Andy" Dodson EM3 from North Carolina wrote on August 26, 2009:
USS PAIUTE 159....1987-1990
Admin Reply:
Andy, I sent you an e-mail from Rodger ________
Ron mc daniel Ron mc daniel from St Louis area wrote on August 25, 2009:
Hi was cook on board molala 69-73 alot of great guys/memories God Bless
Admin Reply:
Ron, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Robert Parker Robert Parker from Bremerton, Washington wrote on August 25, 2009:
Nice site. I served in the U.S.S.Current ARS-22 and the U.S.S.Conserver ARS-39. Talk about your working ships. Whew.
Admin Reply:
Robert, I sent you an e-mail fom, Rodger ___________________________________________
Estil "big E" Ewing Estil "big E" Ewing from El Cajon, CA wrote on August 25, 2009:
Served on USS Sioux ATF-75 1957 to 1961 IC2 Great duty helped an 18 yr old grow up and get some direction in his life. Made some life long friends and had experiences that will stay with me forever. I say hello to all my brothers who served on the old ATF's. We were part of a very close, unique, elite group of sailors. ..Big "E"
Admin Reply:
Big E, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Benjamin Foster Benjamin Foster from New Orleans (ArabI) wrote on August 20, 2009:
Any photos of the YTM Konoko (Known in Merchant Service as the Emma Brown). Any info greatly appreciated Best Regards, Foster Remember the Texas
Admin Reply:
Ben, I sent you an E-mail from, Rodger
J.A. LOHR, CTAC, USN, (RET) J.A. LOHR, CTAC, USN, (RET) from Coplay, Pa wrote on August 17, 2009:
I have in my possession a ship's bell that is stamped "USS ATR 32 1943". I am presently attempting to locate a history, pictures or any other memerobilia regarding this ship.
Admin Reply:
I sent you a reply from, Rodger
Tom Rumsey Tom Rumsey from Benicia, California wrote on August 6, 2009:
Great web site. I visit any Navy Veteran web sites that sound interesting and try to stay in touch with veterans of any USN unit that ever serviced a submarine. Tugs alway facinated me. Boats with small elite crews are the best in the Navy. I say a plaque in your web site from U S Naval Forces Marianas. I have been looking for the corresponding patch for my SubVets vest and have not been able to locate one. If any one knows where to get one please let me know. Respectfully Tom Rumsey MMCS(SS) USN Retired
Admin Reply:
Tom, I sent you an e-mail from Rodger
Paul LeBoeuf Paul LeBoeuf from Belle Chasse, Louisiana wrote on August 6, 2009:
Have been viewing your web site and am wishing someone from your group could possibly let me know where I could obtain plans of the WW11 US Navy ATR tugs so that I can build a model there of. I viewed a couple of pics of a n abandoned ATR tug in South America. During WW11 I worked on tugs on the lower Miss River and saw many of those tugs on the river, thanks for any help someone can provide. Paul LeBoeuf
Admin Reply:
Paul, I sent you an e-mail from Rodger
Steve Charles Steve Charles from Texas wrote on August 5, 2009:
I served aboard the USS Cree ATF-84 in the early 70's. Great ship,Good duty. I still correspond with a couple of my old shipmates, Steven Walla and William Kieth We were all enginemen. Great web site.
Admin Reply:
Steve, I sent you an e-mail from, Rodger
Paul Cusmano Paul Cusmano from New Jersey wrote on August 2, 2009:
Just checking out the guest book. Served on the USS Reclaimer ARS-42 from November 1979 - June 1980.
Admin Reply:
Paul, I sent you a message from, Rodger