Dear NAFTS old time friends and mates. At the 2009 board meeting in Las Vegas I ended my career as long time Secretary and as a board member. At the time I also announced that I could no longer keep up the sprawling NAFTS web site I have built over the start-up in 1998. Folks, I have so far seen no relief and me poor old body will no longer answer bells. For you not in the know I suffer from asbestosis, a Disease I picked up from the many fire rooms and engine rooms I served in during my NAVY career. I have been on oxygen now over 5 years and now cannot get enough to keep it going. I have now been placed on Hospice care and am only able to move about with the assistance of a walker. Further, the brain is also an organ that needs oxygen and I find I can no longer remember names, commands nor syntax necessary to keep do web work.

Webmaster  Quinn Fisher has been enlisted by Treasurer Dennis Colton to take over the NAFTS website.  Quinn will bring together some organization to the ailing site and probably will be starting out a new site from scratch.  However he does it it will be an improvement.  Welcome aboard Quinn!

Best to all NAFTS folk! Your a great bunch!

Tom Thomas
Bend, Oregon