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Allen R. Dahmer Allen R. Dahmer from Slidell, La. wrote on February 16, 2015
Member # 2593 Towline Jan 2015 page 2 Editor's Notes. I have a roster of USS SALISH ATA-187 Who TO & where do I mail it Allen
Admin Reply:
Please send the list to TOWLINE. Address is in lower left corner of TOWLINE page 1. Thanks for the offer, crew lists are very important to us. warm regards, Rodger Dana NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Rollie Corey Rollie Corey from Winona, MN wrote on February 2, 2015
Trying to find shipmates of (ATF85) LIPAN, served 71,72, homeported out of Pearl Harbor. I was a YN3 I remember towing a large pier from Nam to Pearl, took 2 months or more.
Admin Reply:
Corey, Bob Campbell here, I'm the current NAFTS Secretary. Roger missed one, we have QMC named Olsen that was aboard the Lipan from 68-72.
John H. Watkins John H. Watkins from Asheville N.C. wrote on January 15, 2015
I served aboard the Molala ATF-106 from early 1960 until 1962 I was leading seaman on deck force and use my skills every day that I learned aboard. The atf sailors are the best in the world
Admin Reply:
Thanks for the entry. I sent you a Comcast e-mail Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor
Johnny Mack Jones Johnny Mack Jones from Eugene, Oregon wrote on January 5, 2015
Just found this site again, and want to say hello. I was an EN2 on the Reclaimer ARS 42 from late 1971 until June of 1973. My Army and Marine buddies can't tell the kind of stories I can, for sure. Lots of memories! Keep your steam up mates! PS- I think I recognized a piece of my old ship this morning, while putting in a new razor blade.
Admin Reply:
Johnny, Thanks for checking in. Would you be interested in joining NAFTS? We publish a members-only quarterly called TOWLINE. I'll send a complimentary copy to you if you wish. Make another entry and say yes and I'll contact you. sincerely, Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Theodore Beckett Theodore Beckett from Lewisville, TX wrote on January 2, 2015
Served onboard USS Moctobi ATF 105 1984-85. Any shipmates around.
Admin Reply:
Theodore, Thanks for asking. I sent you some information via Comcast e-mail. warm regards, Rodger Dana NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Kenneth E. Williams, YNC, USN, Ret Kenneth E. Williams, YNC, USN, Ret from Jul 69 to Jan 1970 wrote on December 24, 2014
Tug sailors work hard and had to do many jobs. Great times. Gary Turnipseed EN1 now lives in Rio Rico, AZ. Both of us camp to the ship from Vietnam.
Admin Reply:
What ship was that? Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor
Joe Wasko Joe Wasko from Florence, KY wrote on December 22, 2014
I thought II saw something about 2015 Reunion in Cinci? If this is correct who is hosting and dong the work? I am 15 minutes away and could help out as time allows?
Admin Reply:
Joe, I sent you a Comcast email. Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor
Earl "Pete" Lehew Earl "Pete" Lehew from Murfreesboro, tennessee wrote on November 19, 2014
Was on the Sea going tug, USS Sagamore 208. Looking for any ship mates
Admin Reply:
Pete, I sent you an e-mail. Did you receive it? Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Mark DiGiacoma Mark DiGiacoma from Delaware wrote on October 10, 2014
Hi, my father, Vince served on ATR-62 in WWII. Wondering if any of his shipmates are on this site? Would love to connect. Thanks, Mark
Admin Reply:
Sorry, There is no record of any ATR-62 shipmates in our NAFTS records. Please let me know if you have any dates to work with. Thanks for asking, Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Walter H. NeumannWas Walter H. NeumannWas from retired Spring Hill, Fl. wrote on June 20, 2014
Finding they NAFT site, memories of an old ex-sailor. Was on the USS Keywadin ATA-213 fall of 1948 to Jan. 1949 as it often towed decommissioned subs for which we couldn't slow up fast as they didn't slow down fast. One remembered problem tow was three warehouse type barges of ammo (all at the same time) from a to be dry docked aircraft carrier. They closed down two bridge's auto traffic over Cape Cod canal as we approached them and until we were some distant passed. Our home dock was at the end of the dock "Old Ironsides" was at side of, my car parked not far from it when we were out doing tows. There is a picture on a website of ATA-213 docked there. My first association with ATA's was in April 1946 when on AM-278 broke down two days in the China Sea without power, lights and water for two days after which ATA-181 & ATA-188 were finally sent out being towed to Shanghai China by one of them.
Admin Reply:
Shipmate, Thanks for the Keywadin story. The ATAs were real workhorses in their day!! warm regards, Rodger NAFTS Guestbook monitor.
Alan Scott Alan Scott from Lufkin, Texas wrote on June 5, 2014
I served aboard the USS Wandank ATA 204 from oct 69 until it"s decomm in jul 71. I was an ETN2 in ops.
Admin Reply:
Shipmate Allan, Thanks for signing the NAFTS GUESTBOOK. We appreciate hearing from fellow NAFTS members and hope that you are doing well. I was ET2 on ATF 100 USS Chowanoc 1956-58. Warm regards, Rodger Dana NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Joe Wasko Joe Wasko from Florence ,KY via Stow, OH wrote on May 27, 2014
Have been looking for years for guys from the Tawakoni ATF-114 who were on board 67-69. Joe Wasko BM2
Admin Reply:
Joe, Thanks for asking. I looked at the website Members Only section and have sent the TAWAKONI list to you via e-mail. WArm regards, Rodger Dana NAFTS Guestbook Monitor
David Griffin David Griffin from East Jordan michigan wrote on May 15, 2014
USS Conserver reunion personal have been trying to contact you about information about join reunions to no avail, just marked off a spam WTF. I tried to get on with my sign in Griff northm66 which wont accept me eather, whats going on??
Jerry Sears Jerry Sears from Hemet California wrote on May 1, 2014
I am looking for living shipmates from the ATF 100 Chowanoc. years 1965 thru 1968 before yard overhaul San Diego. early 1968 I can't even find Ship in Nafts web site Than you for any help Jerry
Admin Reply:
Jerry, Bob Campbell here, I'm the current NAFTS Secretary. You could not have had a better person to respond to your request than Rodger Dana. He is our resident Chowanoc authority. That being said I may be able to help you find the shipmates you are looking for. I have a pretty good track record of finding folks. I served aboard the Arikara (ATF 98) out of Pearl from 1963-1967. Warm regards, Bob Campbell,
Steven Day Steven Day from Daphne, AL wrote on April 26, 2014
I tried to send an e-mail to the webmaster to no avail. It was bounced by the nafts server. I would like access to the site and am a paid up member through Jan 2015, but I don't have a user ID and password. Would someone please send them to me? You may e-mail me on for further information if you have questions.
Admin Reply:
Steven, I sent you a personal e-mail Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
troy hayes casselman troy hayes casselman from Dundalk, Maryland wrote on April 18, 2014
used to be on a small tug, in Mare Island, back in 91,92
Admin Reply:
Thanks for your comment. Was the tug a Navy tug? Do you remember the name & hull number of the tug? sincerely, Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Karen Dill Karen Dill from Somerset, MA wrote on March 9, 2014
I am looking for crew mates of my husband, Steven "pic" Dill who served on the USS Cochali in Newport, RI from 1970 to 73.
Admin Reply:
Karen, I sent you an email. Rodger, NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Red Laursen Red Laursen from CT wrote on February 28, 2014
I signed up for membership and now I am not able to log on. I sent emails with no reply to any. How do I log on. I never had a password.
Edward Lawson Edward Lawson from Stockton, CA wrote on February 19, 2014
Hello, I'm the son of James Lawson (ships Bos'n) who was a crew memeber on the Moctobi (ATF 105) from 1969 to 1971. Just wanted to find out if anybody that was a part of the crew during that time might have any pictures or posting to share. My father passed in 1998, but always wanted to catch up with shipmates or find out about any reunions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ed Lawson
Admin Reply:
Ed, I sent you an email with contact information. Hope it works for you. Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
I am the son of GMC(ret)GEORGE LUNSFORD who served aboard USS MATACO (ATF-86) between 1952 & 53 during the Korean War. My father passed in 1998 and I have found five photos of this period. The consist of MATACO off the Korean coast...towing a suspected gun runner, bringing prisoners into Korea, challenging a Korean boat which was towed to port, a hard-hat diver and a photo of CWO "IKE" ISENBERG on deck in his dress blues. As with other photos of ships my father served aboard I have forwarded many to their respective associations via PDF files. If there is any interest in having these photos I would certainly forward them on. Please feel free to contact me. Home phone 661.872.8850 or cell 661.979.2687. I am also a Navy vet having served aboard USS TICONDEROGA (CVA-14) and I am past president of our TICO Veterans Association. Thank you.
Admin Reply:
John, I sent you an e-mail today(Feb 19th 2014) regards, Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Frank Simon Frank Simon from New York wrote on February 1, 2014
Looking for former shipmates. Served on ATF156 and was involved in salvage jobs for the Baldwin and Monsen. Please respond. I have pictures available.
Admin Reply:
Thanks for the entry. I have sent an email to you. Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Joe Hilpert Joe Hilpert from St. Paul, MN wrote on January 20, 2014
It's been some time since I visited NAFTS website, sure has changed. since my last visit, my email address has change and am haviang trouble using what it think is my pass word. Who do I contact to streighten this out? Rm2 from USS Lipan
Admin Reply:
Please contact with a CC: to your shipmate, Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Jerry Lentz Jerry Lentz wrote on January 9, 2014
This page has really gone to the dogs. I submitted 2 photos several years ago (USCGC Cherokee WMEC-165 and USS Grasp ARS-24. These photos were properly displayed in the same quality I submitted and with my name as contributor. Now, these photos (when you can find them) are in very poor quality and my name has disappeared completely. What happened?
Admin Reply:
Please e-mail your comments to We went to a new format in early 2013. if you have problems contacting the webmaster, please contact your shipmate, Rodger Dana GUESTBOOK monitor
Fred Brunk Fred Brunk from Chicago wrote on January 1, 2014
I would like to know if anyone remembers the sinkex off the socal op area in 1977 when an A6 accidentally dropped a bomb on an ATF. The bomb went though the mast and ended up on the floor outside the ships office. I was observing this from the bridge of Cocopa ATF101. It was either the Moctobi, the Molala or the Abnaki. I cant remember and cant find any history about the incident. The brave skipper and a couple other members of the crew stayed with the ship and waited for EOD to difuse the Bomb. Curious if any one remembers any of the details. It was a bad day for NAVAIR and almost fatal for the cre of the ATF.
Admin Reply:
Look up the ATF 84, USS CREE Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Bob Schorfheide Bob Schorfheide from Broken Arrow, OK wrote on December 8, 2013
Steve.....I was on USS Cocopa Feb 1965 to Sept 1967. Went aboard EMFN straight out of A school and left EM2. Would love to share some stories of my time aboard Cocopa.
Steven C. Karoly Steven C. Karoly from Diamond Springs, California wrote on December 7, 2013
Served on the USS Cocopa (ATF-101) from May 1972 to April 1973 during her second to last Western Pacific cruise. I was a CSSN and CS3 in the galley. I'm reconstructing the Cocopa's history of movement between the Atlantic (World War II) and the Pacific Fleets (World War II, post-war occupation service, Korea and Vietnam). I'd love to hear from shipmates and those willing to share details of the history of the Cocopa.
Ed Mello Ed Mello from Arlington,VA wrote on November 9, 2013
I'm researching the USS Nauset (ATF-89). My dad was one of the survivors.
Admin Reply:
Can NAFTS be of any assistance? Rodger, NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
RichardD. Zent RichardD. Zent from Uss Chowanoc wrote on October 17, 2013
I am a plankowner of ATF 100 and I plan to attend our reunion,my 8th,next week in Pensacola. Wish all of you were there. Not too many of us left.
Admin Reply:
Thanks for the note. We wish we could join you but can't do it this year. We hope to see you next reunion, Rodger, NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Steve "Big Uss" Ussery EM3 Steve "Big Uss" Ussery EM3 from Wilmington, NC 28403 wrote on October 15, 2013
We are having the 2014 USS Arikara ATF-98 Reunion again this year the weekend of July 12th with the Arikara Nation at White Shield, Nothth Dakota on their Reservation. For more info contact Steve Ussery at You'll be glad you did.
Admin Reply:
Steve, Thanks for the reminder Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor
PN3 Garry Blagg PN3 Garry Blagg from Phoenix, AZ wrote on October 11, 2013
I served on USS MUNSEE ATF-107 1968/69. She was my last duty assignment as USN. I used to get seasick before we would clear Pt. Loma or any other port. Would surely love to hear from any former shipmates!
Admin Reply:
Shipmate, I'm working on the list you sent. Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor
Albert H Angus Albert H Angus from Madison, CT wrote on September 14, 2013
Looking for USS Hopi survivors to communicate with and learn status of the ship and its log. I was a 1st Class Engineman discharged after 4 years of service at end of Korean War.
Admin Reply:
Thanks for asking. NAFTS currently has one HOPI shipmate in the membership. He served 1946-47. Please try the internet search engines (ex: for ATF 71 HOPI information. Ships logs are available from the National Archives. Please search for in a search engine. Hope this helps. Rodger Dana NAFTS Guestbook monitor.
Thomas Welhouse Thomas Welhouse from Green Bay, Wisconsin 54313 wrote on August 12, 2013
Just stopped by to visit the new site. Looks great. Always enjoy visiting the Nafts site and bringing back memories of shipmates and time spent in the Navy aboard 2 different ships. Uss. Lipan ATF85 & Uss Natchaug AOG54.
Admin Reply:
Fellow NAFTS members are always welcome to stop by our GUESTBOOK. warm regards, Rodger Dana GUESTBOOK Monitor
Jamed D Riley Jamed D Riley from Albany NY wrote on July 29, 2013
Member( Dues Paying) since 1992 Pd 2013 3-13-'13 $30. check was cashed.Have not received TOWLINE this year.Get My name back in Log On USS Serrano ATF 112 '45-'46
Admin Reply:
James, I forwarded your questions to NAFTS Membership. Nice talking to you, Shipmate Rodger Dana GUESTBOOK Monitor
Patsy McGee Myers Patsy McGee Myers from Ackerman, MS wrote on June 24, 2013
My father, James McGee served on the USS Apache from 1952-55. He passed away May 6, 2012. We miss him. He often talked about his Navy years.
Admin Reply:
Patsy. One of James McGees shipmates, Ross Kramer (APACHE 1952-54) is a NAFTS member. I'll let him know. Thanks for your NAFTS GUESTBOOK entry. Rodger Dana GUESTBOOK Monitor
Nice visiting the site, it has changed since I last was on it.....need to visit more often....
Admin Reply:
Headlee, Thanks for your entry. We are doing a modernization of our old website, not completed yet..... regards, Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
leon maierhafer leon maierhafer from fremont,wi wrote on June 5, 2013
Just got word that one of my partners in crime has passed away. Roger weaver from Mankato,minn died on may 10. He was the fellow that bought the rye bread for our limberger cheese fests. Never knew he could move so fast when the hotel manager came to me at Warick, RI. He was a fun lovin guy,so we made a good pair as I'm more serious. rest in peace Roger
Admin Reply:
Leon, Thanks for the update. Roger was a super Shipmate. I passed the word on to the Chaplain & Membership guy, warm Regards, Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor
Clark Silliman Clark Silliman from Seattle, WA wrote on May 27, 2013
Served in USS TILLAMOOK (ATA-192), 1963-65. Would love to hear from my shipmates. Clark.
Admin Reply:
Good to hear from you, Clark. warm regards, Rodger Dana NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Joe Wasko BM2 Joe Wasko BM2 from Florence, KY wrote on May 20, 2013
Finally got on to the new site. Lookin Good!!! Just moved from Stow (Akron) Ohio to Florence Kentucky. Pretty nice down here. Still hoping to hear from some of the old TF 114 Tawakoni shipmates. I was serving from 67-69 before getting orders to be a boat captain in'Nam.
Admin Reply:
Joe, Sorry you can't make the reunion this year(2013)See you next year! warm regards Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Pete Westbay Pete Westbay from MO wrote on May 13, 2013
Served on the best damned ARS ever! USS Conserver ARS 39. She had many great skippers & crews over the years and served the 7th fleet proudly for 49 of them.
Admin Reply:
Pete, NAFTS has quite a few Conserver shipmates as members! I'm sure they all agree with you. Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor
Jon Balson Jon Balson from Brownstown, PA wrote on April 30, 2013
Rodger, Sorry, but I have not received e-mail from you. Would you please re-send? Thanks. Jon
Admin Reply:
Sent again, with corrected address sorry, Rodger
Bruce Mazza Bruce Mazza from Barefoot Bay, Florida wrote on April 27, 2013
Was a crew member on the USS Apache (ATF67) 1969 - 1971. Rated SK3. Would like to hear from my shipmates. Thanks to NAFTS for the chance.
Admin Reply:
Thanks for viewing our GUESTBOOK
Jon Blaons Jon Blaons from Brownstown PA wrote on April 25, 2013
Great website. I am doing research related to the USS ERIE (PG-50), a vessel that was torpedoed and then sank, due to incorrect lightering operations, in the inner harbor at Willemstad, Curacao, December 5, 1942. The ERIE was re-floated and eventually hauled out to her last resting place off the coast of Curacao, in 1952. The first salvage vessel on the scene was the USS ESCAPE (ARS-6). I am trying to determine who commanded this vessel while it was involved in the re-floating operations (until 1 September 1952). Can anyone supply this info?
Admin Reply:
I sent you a hotmail e-mail. Please watch for it. Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Phillip Moss, CDR USNR (Ret) Phillip Moss, CDR USNR (Ret) from Germantown, TN wrote on April 24, 2013
My Dad was aboard USS Fortune when it blew a boiler at Tutuila, Samoa. Spent a lot of time in the Naval Hospital in California. Nice website.
Admin Reply:
Thanks for your visit to the NAFTS GUESTBOOK
Jim Colon Jim Colon from Wauseon Ohio wrote on April 2, 2013
was on the Cocopa jan 56 til july 59 great times
Bob Schorfheide Bob Schorfheide from broken Arrow, OK. wrote on March 30, 2013
Great to see a note from another OLE COCOPA shipmate. I was there early 65 to late 67. Just renewed my membership.
Admin Reply:
Shipmate, Thanks for visiting the NAFTS GUESTBOOK. Rodger Dana GUESTBOOK Monitor
Eudale Ringgaard Eudale Ringgaard from Brookings, SD wrote on March 19, 2013
Served on the ATF 101 from 1952 to 1956.
Admin Reply:
Thanks for your entry. Cocopa was a great ship! Rodger, NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Steve H. "John" Johnson Steve H. "John" Johnson from Cordova, Alabama wrote on February 23, 2013
1966-1969 Lived on the USS Sakarissa YTM 269 Stationed at Hunters Point Naval Ship Yard San Francisco Calf. Best US Navy duty to be had. E2-E4 Engineman 3rd class.
Admin Reply:
Sounds like a very good duty station. I'll check our members list for your shipmates in case they belong to NAFTS. smooth seas, Rodger, NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Dan Bloom Dan Bloom from Gettysburg, Pa. wrote on January 30, 2013
I have been trying to to get on line for several months to pay my dues. Your website does not recognize my e-mail address, user name, or password. They have not changed. I have e-mailed the membership chairman several weeks ago and have had no response. Please let me know how to get on the website to pay my dues. My membership number is 2415. Thank you Dan Bloom
Admin Reply:
Dan, Nice talking to you. The missing TOWLINE is on its way!! warm regards Rodger Dana NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Don Bartlett (En2) Don Bartlett (En2) from Springfield Oregon wrote on January 15, 2013
Served on the uss deliver ars 23 1951 1954 we were around the fleet tugs a whole bunch. knew a Halfacher I think on the Apache. Keep up the good work as you guys always have "gotter dun" Don B.
Admin Reply:
Don, Nice to hear from you! I sent you a Comcast message. Rodger, GUESTBOOK Monitor
Dennis Hockabout Dennis Hockabout from Council Bluffs Iowa wrote on January 14, 2013
Was so sorry to hear of Toms crossing the bar. Looked forward to seeing him every year. Keep your chin up Charlie as I know how you feel. God speed and God bless Dennis