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Allen R. Dahmer Allen R. Dahmer from Slidell,La wrote on May 4, 2012
Rodger, My brother Robert e-mailed me Said you cashed his check but have not included him on membership list. Also,I sent you a check but membership status has not been up-dated. Allen
Admin Reply:
Membership list takes several weeks(or more) to resolve on NAFTS website. I have processed both of you officially. Website update is handled by another volunteer, regards, Rodger NAFTS Membership
Steve "Big Uss" Ussery Steve "Big Uss" Ussery from Wilmington, NC wrote on April 28, 2012
There will be a Reunion between the Arikara People and the Arikara Sailors at their home in New Town, ND June 18-25th 2012. All former crew members are invited. Space is limited. Camping is encouraged. If you would like to be there please contact me ASAP. The Arikara's are rolling out the red carpet for us. We will be turning over many items for their Museum. Sail on...
Walter Kzinowek (Zip) Walter Kzinowek (Zip) from Port Huron, MI wrote on April 24, 2012
I served aboard the USS Ponchatoula AO-148 and am trying to locate a old shipmate of mine that was transfered to the ATA-192 in the mid '50's. He as a SM-3 or 2 at that time. He was from Mt. Vernon, NY. I would appreciate it if anyone knows his whereabouts to let me know or send me contact information.
Admin Reply:
NAFTS has one remaining enlisted member from the 1950s. His name is Jack D. Marcum, 1951-53 Hope this helps, Rodger GUEST BOOK Monitor
Allen R. Dahmer Allen R. Dahmer from Slidell,La. wrote on March 26, 2012
Rodger:Check is in the mail today for renewal/update of membership.Looking forward to Norfolk in Oct. Mailing a membership app to my brother in N.C.He was on ATA-187 with me. Can you mail him a copy of the last TOWLINE? Robert Dahmer P.O.Box 781 Walnut Cove,N.C. 27057 This should be what it takes to get him off the fence.LoL Allen#2593
Admin Reply:
Allen, Will send a TOWLINE to Robert, thanks for asking, Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
jennifer giles jennifer giles from arkansas wrote on March 21, 2012
I am hoping that maybe there is someone here whom might have knoe m grandfather and have pictures. His name is Jack Giles and he was on the Anchor from 1943 to 1946, shortly left the ship in april of 46 for rehabilitation leave and reassignment, but i dont have information past that. If there is anyone that might have known him and or have a crew book that may have a photo please e mail me. I would so greatfully appreciate it. Thank you to all.
Admin Reply:
Jennifer, NAFTS had one member who served on the ARS 13, USS Anchor. He passed away in 2005. Sorry we can't help you. Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Webmaster Webmaster from Bend, Oregon wrote on March 20, 2012
Testing Guestbook after server Migration.
Admin Reply:
Checks OK here on 20 March 2012, rd
Robert Wood Robert Wood from Missouri wrote on March 6, 2012
RM3 and RM2. Aboard Tillmook ATA-192 part of 54 and 55.
Admin Reply:
Robert, I sent you a reply via NAFTS e-mail. Thanks for your entry, Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor
Jim Hatcher Jim Hatcher from Charleston SC wrote on March 3, 2012
March 3, 2012 Hello and greeting to all. Alice P. Hatcher, my grandmother, christened the USS Arapaho, ATF-68, here in Charleston, SC, 1943. A few photographs, framed letters, a postcard from then the assistant undersecretary James Forrestal written in pencil to her; and an engraved Ship's Silver Plate presented to grandmother remain with the family here in Charleston. Six of her seven sons were serving active duty at the time of christening; the seventh had tried to join but failed the medical exam. 5 sons served in the Navy and one the Army. One son, a naval aviation repairman, was stationed on Ford Island December 7, 1941, was wounded and still able to help to fight the fires on his aircraft group. Three of her sons were awarded officer commissions during the war, 2 for the US Navy and one with the US Army. The army member was assigned to the British in 1940 and fought with them in North Africa in the earlier fights with their open-turret tank corp. Jim Hatcher, Charleston, SC
Admin Reply:
Jim, Thanks for your input, we appreciate it. We have 2 members who served aboard Arapaho in WW2. If your family ever wants to donate Arapaho items, like an invitation to the ship's launching/commissioning, please think of us. We have quite a few items in our keepsake collection. sincerely, Rodger GUEST BOOK Monitor
herbert moody herbert moody from va wrote on February 18, 2012
my friend willie wells from stony creek va, would love to hear from any shipmates.he was on accokeek ata-181 in philly from may 59 to 1961.his no is434-246-6421
Admin Reply:
Herbert, I sent you a NAFTS e-mail about Mr Wells request. Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Sam Morton Prowting Sam Morton Prowting from Liverpool UK wrote on February 13, 2012
Came across your site by chance may I take the oppertunity of expressing hearful thanks for renewing old memories.As you realise I am not a member but I did serve on the British rescue tug Empire Sandy from 1944 to 1945,then joined various other shipping companies in the UK ending up in the police service,I was only a fifteen year old lad when I ran away from home in Wales and managed to join Empire Sandy, they did not ask awkward question about your age on the Tugs and as a youngster I wanted to enlist. Apologies for intruding but I was thrilled in seeing your site. Kindest Regards Sam
Admin Reply:
Sam, Thank you for your kind words. I have forwarded your comments to the British Deep Sea Rescue Tugs Association, DSRTA (Don Graham in Cornwall). sincerely, Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
thomas carter thomas carter from hayden,al wrote on February 8, 2012
I stumbled across your site and glad Idid.Iserved on USS PAIUTE ATF-159 from 68 to 69 as an EM/3
Admin Reply:
We are pleased that you like what you see at Members can search ships personnel lists and enjoy the quarterly TOWLINE magazine with its member-contributed stories. We charge $25/yr for membership. If you would like to see a sample, call-in your snail address and I'll mail some TOWLINE issues to you. sincerely, Rodger GUESTBOOK monitor 1-800-293-3687, option 73.
Albert Martinez Albert Martinez from San Antonio, Texas wrote on February 1, 2012
Hi Capt. W. Nickelson, hope to see you and Michael Edwards at this year's (2012)reunion. I am looking foreward to being there . I served on the U S S Grasp ARS 24 from 1967 to 1969.
Admin Reply:
Shipmate Martinez, Both shipmates are listed in the NAFTS members database. You can use it to search for them on the GRASP page using your logon & password feature at By the way the skippers name is spelled Nicholson. warm regards, Rodger, Guestbook Monitor
Michael Steele Michael Steele from Williamstown Ma wrote on January 28, 2012
Looking for info on the US NAVY TUG ATR 8, was my fathers (John D. STEELE)ship until 1946 . Anything would be helpful. IN 1946 or 47 ship had an 8ball on the stack. Thanks Michael Steele
Admin Reply:
US Navy Tug ATR 8 850ton 1944commissioned Disposed of 1946. You can try searching Colton website to see if you can track down the ATR 8 history after Navy disposed of her. regards, Rodger,GUESTBOOK monitor
dave nuttall dave nuttall from lehi utah wrote on January 13, 2012
My dad was chief petty officer Richard David. Nuttall, the ships doctor, and was always referred to as "doc".in addition, he was the diver, and ran the decompression chamber,among other duties. We were stationed in Hawaii, and lived in the housing at the very end of pearl city pennisula from 1955 to 1961. I was. The oldest at the time, and rember when Hawaii was made the 49 th state, they had the sea planes always taking off just past where we lived. Within a few minutes walk I could go to this.little pier, and fish for crabs from the pilings, and straight across was ford island, and what W's left of the Arizona. There were still sunken ships, some upside down still. I remember hearing about the raising the midget sub, my dad being one of the divers. I remember going on the ship several times as a kid, and seeing the ship. Coming back from wespac cruises
Admin Reply:
Dave, Thanks for your input. We took great pleasure serving with shipmates such as your father. sincerely, Rodger NAFTS Secretary
Robert Gilliam Robert Gilliam from USS allegheny ATA-179 1965-1967 wrote on January 8, 2012
Anybody out there from Allegheny 1965-1967 I still live in Brooklyn? GILLIAM
Admin Reply:
Thanks for the input. I have sent you a NAFTS e-mail with some Allegeny shipmate info. sincerely, Rodger GUESTBOOK MONITOR
Michael T. Denman Michael T. Denman from Mesa, Arizona wrote on December 14, 2011
I served proudly as a BM3, aboard the USS Cree ATF84 from 1971 through 1975. During my tour of duty, and not unlike many of my fellow shipmates, I had the fortune of having many memorable experiences both good and less than good. However, every experience helped shape how I conduct my life to present day. And, I would never change any moment of my sailor's life. Finally, I would entertain communication with other Cree "Ready" shipmates who would like to share their memories.
Admin Reply:
Michael, I sent you a reply from Rodger, Guestbook Monitor
Dennis Pangburn #2353 Dennis Pangburn #2353 from Napa, CA wrote on December 12, 2011
San francisco bay area news this morning; "old Navy tug sinks in Richmond harbor". This is one of the two ATFs moored at Richmond. The one sinking is the currently named "Tiger". I do not know what her commissioned name was. The news stories are available by GOOGLE search. Use the search words old navy tug sinks in Richmond, CA
Admin Reply:
Shipmate, Thanks for the input. According to the Contra Costa Times, ex-QUAPAW ATF 110 has gone down over the weekend. We will attempt to get details to publish in the next issue of TOWLINE. sadly, Rodger Dana Guestbook Monitor
Paul Coverdale Paul Coverdale from Danville, IN wrote on November 30, 2011
Had a great time at the reunion in Hawaii. This was my first reunion but looking forward to many more. Thanks to everyone involved in making the HAWAII REUNION such a success. All your hard work is greatly appreciated.
Admin Reply:
Paul, It was great to see you in Hawaii. We hope to see you next October in Norfolk at the NAFTS 2012 reunion. warm regards, Rodger
Bill Trail Bill Trail from Macon, GA wrote on November 14, 2011
I joined the deck crew of USS Grasp ARS24 after waiting several weeks on Guam for Grasp to return to port in March '68. I was mustered off the Grasp about 17 months later while Grasp was at anchor in DaNang Harbor, October/November 1969.
Admin Reply:
Bill, I sent you a NAFTS e-mail. Rodger Guestbook Monitor
Ed McFadden Ed McFadden from Warrenton, Or wrote on November 12, 2011
My father Norman Lee McFadden was a plank holder of the ATA 192, USS Tillamook. He served on the ship from 1944 when it was commissioned to early 1946. I have a photo of the crew on the back deck that I believe may have been the first crew of the vessel. I could not figure out how to send it to you on your web page. If you are interested then contact me VIA this email.
Admin Reply:
Ed, Thanks for your prompt reply and the old photos, Rodger NAFTS Secretary
Robert van Vugt Robert van Vugt from Roswell, GA wrote on November 10, 2011
I served aboard the USS Nipmuc ATF-157 from Feb '74 thru Nov'76. Homeported at Mayport, Fl. Glad to see some still around. Lost touch with Bill Lawrence. Happy Veteran's Day to all. 11-11-11
Admin Reply:
Thanks for your prompt reply. Your Complimentary TOWLINE magazine is on its way to you. Rodger NAFTS Membership
Don Edwards Don Edwards from NJ wrote on November 4, 2011
I run a web site, and am trying to find photos of the the USS Atlanta after the Nov 13th battle off guadalcanal The Bobolink tried to tow Atlanta to Tulagi but she had to be scuttled. I was wondering if any photos of Bobolink might contain Atlanta during that operation. Thanks Don
Admin Reply:
Sorry, All of our ATO 131 Bobolink shipmates are deceased. Rodger NAFTS Membership
Charlie Moser Charlie Moser from Mo./ Aiea, Hawaii wrote on October 24, 2011
Served on USS MATACO ATE-86 SAN DIEGO from 05/66 to 03/66. USS COUCAL ASR-8 PEARL HARBOR 4/76 to 9/77. And USS FLORIKAN ARS-9 PEARL HARBOR 7/85 to 7/86. Retired HTCM/DV 7/90 Wishing you all a good stay in Hawaii. Charlie Moser 808-753-1335.
Admin Reply:
Thanks for the good wishes. We had a great time. The local Diver Unit came to our reunion and showed us their equipment. I sent you a NAFTS e-mail. Rodger Dana GUEST BOOK Monitor
John Imparato John Imparato from Arlington VA wrote on October 24, 2011
Served on USS Salinan ATF 161 1968-69. My first ship, but not my last. Retired 1998. Still working for Navy at the Navy Yard in DC. This guestbook is great. Am I still a NAFTS member? Haven't seen Towline. Maybe I need a Dues bill. Keep up the good work. John
Admin Reply:
Thanks for the entry. I have sent you a NAFTS e-mail, Rodger GUEST BOOK Monitor
David K. Bradrick David K. Bradrick from Trotwood, Ohio wrote on October 24, 2011
I was on the USS Matinuk (YTM-548)Guantanamo Bay Cuba,1974-75,USS Mataco (ATF-86)San Diego,1975-77 and the USS Safeguard (ARS-50)Pearl Harbor, Hawaii,1995-98. I retired in 2001 as an Enginman/Deep Sea Diver.
Admin Reply:
Thanks for your entry. I have sent you a NAFTS e-mail. Rodger GUEST BOOK Monitor
leon maierhafer leon maierhafer from fremont,WI wrote on October 18, 2011
Have a good time in Oahu all my friends at NAFTS. See you next year in Norfolk. Is there a place where we can cut the cheese there? And Rich, I will bring some cheddah.
Admin Reply:
Leon, Thanks for the good wishes; we wish you could join us at NAFTS reunion 2011 in Hawaii. See you at Norfolk next October, Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor ______________________________
JEFF DARLING JEFF DARLING from LYNN,MA wrote on October 15, 2011
hope you all have a great time in OAHU.went there in SEPTEMER,2008.had a` great time.PEARL HARBOR was great.DIAMOND HEAD is a good take but a strenuous climb.have to be in good shape to climb it.lots of places for the ladies to shop.plenty of places to eat and drink.wish i was going.i sort of got sunk by the economy.trying to surface. SALUTE,JEFF
Admin Reply:
Jeff, Sorry you can't make it to Hawaii. We will look for you at Norfolk next October. Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor
RM1 John Stafford RM1 John Stafford from Marietta, Ga. wrote on September 30, 2011
I served on the USS Catawba from 1969-1970, USS Piaute from 1970-1973 and the USS Nipmuc 1976-1978 some of my best duty was on the ocean going tug boats.
Admin Reply:
John, I sent you a NAFTS e-mail RKDana NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
harbin richard (* * *) mosier harbin richard (* * *) mosier from lachine mi wrote on September 14, 2011
I served on the atf-103 (hitchiti) from 1953 to 1955.I was a en3/2 diver. transfered to ard-29 at subase pearl, married had 5 kids,teo still living in hawaii. retired after 30 yrs as mmcm(ss) nuclear machinist.
Admin Reply:
Hey, shipmate! We miss you at NAFTS. Rodger, Membership Chairman
Mike Edwards Mike Edwards from Wooster, Ohio wrote on September 5, 2011
I served on the USS Grasp ARS 24 from 1966 to 1969. I was QMSN on the bridge with Lcdr. Nicholson and Lt. Duane Tucker. Was surprise to read in the guestbook that some of my ship mates are out there and looking for contact. I would love to hear from anyone that served on this ship during this time!!!!
Admin Reply:
Mike, Your application for NAFTS membership has been received. The latest issue of NAFTS TOWLINE magazine has been mailed to you. Welcome Aboard! Rodger Dana NAFTS Secretary & Membership Chairman
David Beckman David Beckman from Council Bluffs,IA wrote on September 1, 2011
Thank you Roger,This is what I've found thus far: Sunk 13 NOV 2004@ Lat22-55.0 N,Long 159-58.0 W Sunk by SealTeam for explosives training, using SBC 2510 fathoms(approx 15000 ft)Looking for photos,if any exist.
David Beckman David Beckman from Council Bluffs,IA wrote on August 31, 2011
Served in CONSERVER ARS-39 Sept1967-Jul1970. She went to sea for the last time,as a target in SINKEX 2004 in the Hawaiian area.Am looking for any information about the sinking,ie,ships involved,ordnance used,coordinates,and any photos.Thank You,David B
Admin Reply:
David, One of our members who is familiar with Archives is looking for an answer. His name is Bob Campbell and may contact you. sincerely, Rodger , GUESTBOOK Monitor
Marcey Hunter Marcey Hunter from Norfolk, VA wrote on August 30, 2011
My dad was the Boat Captain of the YTB-766, USS Wapakoneta, from 1965 until 1970. BMC Robert Burton. I enjoy your site very much!
Admin Reply:
Marcey, Thanks for the kind words. We try very hard to preserve the memory of shipmates like your father. Rodger NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Daniel Dube Daniel Dube from Sandown, New Hampshire wrote on August 24, 2011
I was on board USS Opportune ARS-41 from 83-86. Transited Korinth Canal in Greece in 85. Also spent over two months on Challenger recovery operation in 86.
Admin Reply:
Daniel, Thanks for your entry in our NAFTS GUESTBOOK. Please send your mailing address to me so I can send you a complimentary members-only issue of NAFTS TOWLINE magazine. Please substitute @ for 'at' in my e-address. sincerely, Rodger Dana, GUESTBOOK monitor
John Inman John Inman from Huntsville, AL wrote on August 20, 2011
A local artist noticed I was wearing a Navy ball cap and asked if I had ever saw a logo for your organization. I told him no, but I would ask around and see what I could find out. He had been asked by someone who had towed the USS Yorktown in WWII about a logo. Did the veterans from that era have their own logo?
Admin Reply:
John, Please go to: ore/stores.htm for our NAFTS ships store items. Thanks for asking, Rodger, NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Charlie Brown Charlie Brown from Diamond, IL wrote on August 10, 2011
Sent a picture of the USS Escape ARS 6 I took in November of 1962 at GTMO right after the Cuban Missle unpleasentness. Picture was taken from the USS Canisteo AO 99 with the Escape tied up to her port side. We often fueled small vessels from berth all the diesel powered ones took on JP5 we also carried various types of compressed gases in K cylinders. Don't remember why the Escape was alongside.
Admin Reply:
Charlie, Thanks for your entry in our guestbook. I have forwarded your USS Escape photo to our TOWLINE magazine publisher Rich Tetrault. warm regards, Rodger, Guestbook monitor.
bill oser bill oser from akron ohio wrote on August 3, 2011
served on yard tug ytb753 in gitmo 1964-1965
Admin Reply:
Bill, Thanks for the input. Would you like to read an issues of our members-only TOWLINE magazine? If so, send your mailing address to me at Membership at . sincerely, Rodger Dana NAFTS Membership
Leland (Skipper) Lash, BMCS(DV) Ret Leland (Skipper) Lash, BMCS(DV) Ret from East Tawakoni, Texas wrote on July 22, 2011
Served on Chanticleer in 69-70 and looking for dates of our trip to Singapore. Also was on the Conserver from 74-76 Made CPO on Conserver.
Admin Reply:
NAFTS has one Chanticleer shipmate who served aboard 1970-73, LCDR John W. Ackerman USN. You can obtain the Chanticleer log books from the National Archives in Maryland. sincerely, Rodger NAFTS GUESBOOK Monitor
James Bowell James Bowell wrote on July 19, 2011
Trying to find a good picture of ATR 81. My step dad served on her in WW2. His "official" picture has 81 on the bow, but the lifeboat has 56. His name was Louie Menesini. His uniform had a BM3 rating on the sleeve. Thanks, Jim
Admin Reply:
Jim, I sent you an E-mail about ATR 81 and a NAFTS member who served aboard ATR 81 in WW2. Rodger GUESTBOOK Monitor
John S. Haro John S. Haro from Seattle wrote on July 18, 2011
My dad was on an ATF in 52-53. [Q1] Does anyone know if there are any ATFs anywere in the U.S. that might be able to be toured ? [Q2] Where would the best source be for ATF models ? The model link on the NAFTS site is dead. Many thanks, I very much enjoy the NAFTS site and all their efforts. -John
Admin Reply:
The ex-ATF 95 is in private hands. Search for it as ZUNI/Tamaroa.
Steve "Big Uss" Ussery Steve "Big Uss" Ussery from White Lake, NC wrote on July 8, 2011
The crew that decommissioned the Arikara has the ship's placque that hung in the wardroom. It was removed before the Chilean's took over. Is there somewhere it can be placed and seen by all the old crews?
Admin Reply:
Steve, I sent you a NAFTS e-mail about this. Please reply. Rodger, NAFTS Secretary
Lynn R. Miller Lynn R. Miller from Kentucky wrote on July 3, 2011
I served aboard the Bolster ARRS-38 1952 - 1953 She is now scarp. Found this on line: The decorated Veteran continued to serve as a member of the US Pacific Fleet until her 1994 decommissioning, whereupon she was placed into reserve at Naval Station Long Beach. In 1999 she was turned over to MARAD and placed into the Reserve Fleet at Suisun Bay, where she remained until her sale for scrapping in May 2010. Departing under tow with her SBRF neighbor USS Clamp on May 24th, the Bolster arrived at Brownsville, TX on June 10th, 2011 and was subsequently broken up.
Admin Reply:
Thanks for the update on Bolster & Clamp Rodger, NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
jim packer jim packer from san diego wrote on June 24, 2011
My brother in law's uncle Richard Wellsbacher lives in san diego and is 91 and served as electrician on the Chickasaw ATF 83. He doesn't use a computer but has a huge number of pictures from that time and I'm going to try to get him in touch with your organizaton...He's sharp as a tack and a great guy.
Admin Reply:
That would be very helpful. We have a great number of Chickasaw shipmates as members and they would surely enjoy the photos! sincerely, Rodger Dana NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
Robert Englund Robert Englund from Roanoke VA wrote on June 23, 2011
Was a RMSN on the Caloosahatchee AO98 when the Hopi ATF 71 came alongside of us for fuel doing Operation Mariner when a wave picked up her bow and she landed on or Well deck doing a lot of damage on her bow area.
Admin Reply:
Wow! Do you have any photos or other items concerning this event? The ex-ZUNI (Cutter Tamaroa)is tied up in the Portsmouth/Norfolk area. It belongs to a Vets Non-Profit. Look for it using a web search engine. Rodger, NAFTS GUESTBOOK Monitor
frank frank from forson wrote on June 15, 2011
Very honest,kind and interesting.
Admin Reply:
Frank, Thanks for visiting our NAFTS Guestbook. We appreciate your comments. NAFTS is now 21 years old,and has 1400 members, with annual reunions and TOWLINE magazine. sincerely, Rodger Dana, Guestbook monitor
CDR Gary J. Patenaude CDR Gary J. Patenaude from Maryland wrote on June 7, 2011
I am looking for anyone who was aboard USS Narragansett during the Salerno invasion who would know of an assistance mission to USS Philadelphia. I am trying to corroborate for an award. Cheers, PATSY
Admin Reply:
NAFTS has one member remaining who served on Narragansett 1943-45. NAFTS privacy policy prohibits disclosing members personal data to non-members. Please contact Rodger at RDana at sincerely, Rodger, GUEST BOOK Monitor _______________________________ ______________________
bill sexton bill sexton from aquilla texas wrote on June 6, 2011
was stationed onboard cgc chilula watf 153 1962-1964. please email any info you mite have. bill sexton thanks very much.
Admin Reply:
Bill, I sent you a e-mail sincerely, Rodger, NAFTS GUEST BOOK Monitor
William Sweeney William Sweeney from Philadelphia PA. wrote on June 5, 2011
I served on YTB 760 in 1987 / It was a wonderful expierence. i wish i could do it again.
Admin Reply:
William, I sent you a NAFTS E-mail from RKDana Rodger, Guestbook Monitor
Phil Hollis Phil Hollis from Tulsa, OK. Now in Idaho wrote on June 3, 2011
Served on USS Tawasa out of boot camp Sept.,1964 to about the end of 1965. Worked in Main Engine Room. Left as E4. Cruises include escorting Iranian mine sweepers to Panama via Acapulco. Adak, Alaska via Seattle.
Admin Reply:
Phil, I sent you a e-mail sincerely, Rodger, NAFTS GUEST BOOK Monitor
Bill Pitcher Bill Pitcher from Pine, Colorado wrote on May 10, 2011
Enjoyed your site very much, brought back good memories. Served as XO/Nav on USS Mataco (ATF-86) from 1972 to 1974 with many, many fine shipmates.
Admin Reply:
Bill, Nice talking to you today. Illl send you a complimentary issue of the NAFTS TOWLINE magazine. your shipmate, Rodger Guest Book Monitor